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Why Choose Our Destination?

Reykjavík is a vibrant city with excellent infrastructure, which means access to cutting-edge technology, inspiring meeting venues and warm hospitable people willing and able to render the best service. Reykjavík was voted top destination 2012 by Lonely Planet and awarded the Travel Reader’s Choice Award. National Geographic was of the same opinion and named Iceland among the best of the world's trips available in 2012. Reykjavik offers a broad spectrum of accommodations with first-rate facilities and friendly atmosphere. Reykjavik has lodgings to satisfy every need and whim even if you desire a bedtime story be read for you. Icelanders take pride in their hospitality and high standard of cleanliness and we make sure that your group will sleep soundly come rain or shine, Northern Lights or Midnight Sun. Iceland has what it takes to hold a successful meeting. The facilities and venues for large or small get gatherings are at your disposal, as well as the entertainment and sustenance you desire. In Reykjavik you can conduct world-class corporate meetings, conferences, study visits and incentives. Icelandic nature will supply the inspiration needed for an injection of creativity innovation and efficiency to ensure a successful meeting. Great technological savvy, quality products and great hospitality will enhance the experience.

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