Warsaw Destination Alliance

Convention Center
Guest Rooms5,000
Guest Rooms at 1 Hotel435 Guest Rooms
Special Event Venues7
Average Room RatePLN188.00
Daily Food CostPLN87.00
Occupancy Rate
Tax Rate23%

Why Choose Our Destination?

"Every city deserves inhabitants with dreams and with passion, who will work diligently to improve the life of its people. The Warsaw Destination Alliance is exactly this, a collection of great people, great companies and organizations that strive to grow the Tourism Industry, and make it a catalyst for the creation of new jobs, make it bring in more visitors and help the economic development of the City of Warsaw" Warsaw Destination Alliance was formed and developed as a non profit foundation by a group of leading international hotels in Warsaw. The idea was to bring together institutions taking an active part in the process of creating the Warsaw brand. The group is a voluntary association. In addition to hotels, members include associated businesses such as major travel carriers, food and beverage companies, car rental firms etc. The group's goal is to develop Warsaw as a preferred destination for business and leisure tourism as well as a perfect location for conferences and meetings. What we do are work on ways to build the image of Warsaw as an attractive destination for both business and tourism. Secondly, lead promotional events (cultural, social, charitable etc.) and actions related to building the brand name of Warsaw, such as lobbying and managing relations with shareholders. Thirdly, organize advertising campaigns for international visual mass media, aiming to change the image of Warsaw amongst foreigners. Fourthly, cooperate with The City of Warsaw creating mutual support in promoting Warsaw.

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Distance from Airport

  • Warsaw Chopin Airport

    7 km from City Center


Local Attractions

The Royal Łazienki Museum

The Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw consists of a palace and garden complex, which stretches within the area of nearby 80 hectares. The origins of Łazienki date back to the of the 17th century. In 1764 Ujazdów became the property of Stanislaus Augustus Poniatowski - the last king of Poland, who established his summer residence here and gave it its general appearance. During the partitions of Poland, when the Łazienki were taken over by the tsar’s court, the Belveder was reconstructed and several pavilions, also in classicist style were built. In December 1944 the Germans burnt the Palace on the Isle, drilling nearly a thousand holes in its walls for dynamite, intending to blow it up. Fortunately, they didn’t have time to do it. After the war the Palace on the Isle was thoroughly reconstructed.The Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw Today, the Royal Łazienki Residence fulfils functions of a museum and the garden, being visited by a throng of tourists from the country and the entire world, at the same time serving as a splendid promoter of culture. The park is not only a must see venue for the tourists, but also the favorite Sunday destination for the Varsovians.


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