Zaragoza Turismo

Convention center
Guest rooms5,147
Guest rooms at 1 hotel2,795 guest rooms
Special event venues3
Average room rate$234.00
Daily food cost$145.00
Occupancy rate
Tax rate21%

Why Choose Our Destination?

Zaragoza is a city without compare. Her Iberian, Roman, Moslem and Christian history has gradually lent form to her present, to make her a city that is not only beautiful but full of surprises. There 6 offices Tourism in Zaragoza, where specialist staff will discuss any matter relating to the potential tourist, cultural and leisure possibilities Zaragoza. There are 6000 sleeping rooms offered for stay which can be found in 57 hotels present in the area.

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Distance from Airport

  • Zaragoza Airport

    10 km from City Center

  • Huesca-Pirineos Airport

    83 km from City Center



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