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What is Flex?


Welcome to Flex

Looking for an article covering the basics of Flex and what’s changing? Start here.


Flex FAQs

Read through our compilation of answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Mini Webinar

Reimagining Your Registration

This mini webinar will give you a great overview on how you can customize your registration process.

Solution Evolution: Transitioning to Flex


Making your Flex event Virtual

Want to take your entire event, or just a single session, online? With Flex, you can.

On-Demand Webinar

Latest Scoop on Flex (Vol II) Webinar

Catch the recording of our live webinar from July 2020 covering all the latest on Flex – upcoming and past releases, updated timelines, and key resources.

Online Training

Solution Evolution: Transitioning to Flex Training

Register for this live, online training as we walk through transitioning your events from Classic registration to New Standard Registration (Flex).

Watch the recording

Flex Training in the Learning Management System

Looking for an overview on Event Management? This eLearning course will walk you through the basics of the platform in Flex.


15 Awesome Things You Can Only Do in Flex Events

Still using Classic Event Registration? This article will get you excited about the future of Flex.


Solution Evolution Guide: Moving to Flex

This guide gives you a great overview of the upcoming Event Management changes and will provides guidance on switching over your events.


Flex Transition Toolkit

Are you looking for a more complex toolkit to help with larger change management? Here you can find sample communication plans, project tracking tools, and suggested training strategies for your organization.


Where Are Registration Settings in Flex?

With Flex, Registration Settings/Pages/Questions are now centralized in the Site Designer. Read this article to better understand how to perform actions you used to do within the three separate tabs.


Flex tips and tricks thread

Get Flex tips & tricks from your peers! Check out this thread currently going on in the Cvent Community to be inspired by others, or share what you've learned along the way.


Building Out Your First Flex Event

Use this article as a guide to successfully create your first Flex event, from the first steps of the Event Creation Wizard all the way through to sending out your invites.


Transitioning to New Standard Event Registration (Flex)

Get a better grasp on how to manage the organization-wide transition to Flex.

Features / Tracking Feature Releases

Feature List

Flex Feature Roadmap

We are constantly building and improving upon Flex to make sure it's the best event management software out there. Keep checking back on this page to see the latest feature releases and estimated timelines.

Release Notes

Flex Releases in Product News

Every Tuesday, we share out release notes across the Cvent Event Cloud product lines. If you see “Event (Flex)” tagged, that means Flex updates were shared that week.

Website Design

On-Demand Webinar

How It's Made: Flex Website Edition

Watch our expert trainer walk through an example Flex website build directly from our Visual Showcase.

On-Demand Webinar

How It's Made: Flex Website Edition (Round 2!)

We're back again with another website build from a site on our Visual Showcase!


Using the Site Designer

Cvent's Site Designer allows you to customize your website and registration that's capable of displaying on a responsive page.


Common Site Designer Terms

When creating your website and registration in the Site Designer, you'll come across some popularly used words within the documentation. Reference this article to learn what these terms are.


Designing Your Event Website

Watch this two-minute video to get a better understanding of how to use Flex to better design your website and registration process, from understanding the basics of the Site Designer to mastering the Global Themes & Styling.

Mini Webinar

Time Saving Tips in the Site Designer

In this Feature Flash, you will learn tips and tricks about the site designer hierarchy and creating a more modern and responsive event website by adding widgets, sections, and theme customization.


Using the Quick Setup Theme Wizard in Flex

This article gives a quick walkthrough of every piece of the Quick Setup Theme Wizard - adding your logo image, adding a header background image, and changing fonts/colors.


Flex Event's Widget Applied Style

Flex's Applied Styling section in the Site Designer allows you to quickly manage colors, font, font sizes, and more across site without needing to individually update each widget.


Flex Image Options

With a responsive webpage, your images will shift and expand depending on the device it's viewed on. Learn which options will work best by referencing the options in this article.


Graphics Cheat Sheet for Flex Events

Not sure which dimensions to use for your Flex event? The Graphics Cheat Sheet contains the recommended dimensions, formats, and sizes for the images that appear on your event website.


Flex's Theme Color Defaults

This article breaks down, by default, where each color chosen within the Theme will show up on your website.


Event Website Design 101 – Webinar

In our newest webinar, we'll cover global design principles that you can use right away and best practices to follow to create an amazing event website. This complements our resource Event Website Design 101 – Interactive Guide.

Interactive Guide

Event Website Design 101 – Interactive Guide

In this eBook, we'll detail how to build, design, and manage your event website to create a user experience your attendees will love. This complements our resource Event Website Design 101 – Webinar

Online Training

Web Design Best Practices to Maximize Your Events

Join us for a demonstration from Client Services and Web Design experts to learn best practices and tips while designing websites.


Flex Visual Showcase

Take a look at our extensive assortment of themes, choose a favorite, and the Cvent team will use it to create a responsive event website for you. Or, simply browse for your own inspiration.

Customer Testimonials

Success Story

NEIL: Transitioning from Classic to Flex

Success Story

Acton Institute: Transitioning from Classic to Flex

Success Story

Accenture: Flex Adoption Story