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There's a lot going on in our industries on a daily basis: exciting new meeting venues open; event planners host creative get-togethers in new ways; meeting planners develop new techniques for managing their organizations' meetings processes; surveyors find new ways to glean strategically useful information from data. Stay up to date with everything going on in your field and all the big things happening at Cvent by reading our frequently updated blogs.

Event Planning Blog

Our Event Planning blog is the perfect resource for those seeking tips on planning a great event. Read features on the latest hot event destinations as well as unknown gems. Learn creative event planning tips and techniques to make your next event shine. Get news on changes and developments in the event planning industry, and be the first to know about new event-related products and updates from Cvent.


Strategic Meetings Blog

Strategic Meetings Management is a growing trend in the meetings industry. More than ever before, meeting planners are looking at their operations with an analytical eye and finding opportunities to increase efficiency, transparency and savings. Learn what aspects of SMM your organization could adopt, tips to optimize your current SMM program and the latest meetings management best practices.


Web Survey Blog

Executing a successful survey program is not easy: surveyors need to ask the right questions in the right formats, find the most relevant audience of respondents, and then figure out how to interpret the raw data and act upon it. Our Web Surveys blog is dedicated to imparting the knowledge that surveyors need to be successful at every stage of the process. Learn tips, tricks and innovations in survey technique that will be indispensible every time you create a survey.

Mobile Event Apps Blog

What can mobile do for your event? People all over the world are buying smartphones and searching for mobile apps—including your attendees. Technology works best when you understand all the benefits, and that's why we help you stay on top of the mobile trends that matter. If you're planning or managing an event, our mobile blog is a great resource. Plus you'll be the first to see what we're working on to make events and conferences more popular.


Hospitality Marketing Blog

Do you work in the hospitality industry? Cvent understands meetings and events, and we created this blog to help venues attract and host impressive meetings and events. Group business is a massive and frequently overlooked area of business for hotels and other properties. Learn how to increase group business at your property, while at the same time raising the bar on meetings and events.

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