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Professional Media Group Success Story

Professional Media Group

We found the industry leader in Cvent, and I want to continue that partnership so we can both grow."
Stephanie Martinez,
COO, Professional Media Group

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80% growth

in number of events held since implementing

20 person

onsite staff support for their 1,000-attendee tech conference

Creating a Signature Event Requires a Proven Partner

With a reputation as a leading elite publisher of digital and trade publications in the education market, Professional Media Group (PMG) had the foresight to identify meetings and events as a key channel for the future success of its business. But with an outsourced events management solution, the team struggled to achieve their goal of "connecting the readership with vendors selling to education professionals," explains Stephanie Martinez, COO at PMG.

Outsourced processes meant their communication was fraught with problems, as PMG was unable to manipulate their event registration platform fast enough for the needs of the business.

"We knew we needed to be in control of the process, and we wanted to be able to ramp up a new event site quickly and easily. We needed an alternative…We knew Cvent could give us that." From payment management to total autonomy, the PMG team saw Cvent as the solution that would allow them to control the entire process of planning an annual conference, UBTech.

A Partnership Built to Last

After vetting different solution providers, Cvent came out on top. "When we entered into our first agreement," Martinez explains, "it was my responsibility to build out our very first event using the Cvent platform, with the support of their customer success team." Using new software and learning how to manipulate each event stage meant she was "basically doing what used to take many people to do on our behalf… virtually by myself."

Once PMG found quick success with event registration, Martinez and her team began exploring other solutions within the Cvent platform. This included the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN) to source their growing number of events, the benefits of which are still paying off. "The impact of the Cvent Supplier Network has been substantial. We've saved a tremendous amount of time and energy communicating with venues individually," Martinez says. "By setting our criteria up front, we get back a number of qualified responses in a very short period of time. And the follow-up through the Supplier Network portal not only captures all the conversation history, it makes it so much easier than having to send emails back and forth. That tool has helped us immeasurably."

The CrowdCompass mobile event app was added shortly thereafter, with the goal of ultimately eliminating the printed brochures that had become a staple at events. Martinez explains, "CrowdCompass has helped us tremendously onsite at our events. The way we've designed it is to really help guide people through their schedule and also engage with them throughout the entire process." By adding in-app surveys and direct networking capabilities, the need for brochures all but vanished. "By year two of using CrowdCompass we stopped printing a program guide at UBTech. We saved a lot of money doing that. And we didn't miss it. So now we have the app, which is the primary means of communicating our schedule with our attendees. We love the mobile app – it's been a game changer for us."

Establishing a Well-Oiled Machine

From a standard event registration and payment processing to a full-blown event management platform, Martinez and PMG were able to ramp up their in-person events, increase engagement, and save time and money for both the company and attendees. Martinez elaborates, "Our relationship with Cvent has evolved over time… we needed basic post event reporting, but Cvent is so much more."

Martinez found that using the Cvent platform has not only been easy to use, but has also helped reap other rewards. "I think the biggest success we've had is that we've established process over every aspect of running an event, and so everyone knows what they need to do every time we add an event to our schedule. It runs like a well-oiled machine, so whether we we're doing an event for 100 people or 1,000 people, we know exactly what we need to do."

PMG has even expanded its own event landscape, now hosting 32 Superintendent Summits just five years after adopting Cvent's tools. "The great thing about Cvent is that we can add events without adding significant resources. Because we have a process in place and a software that supports our needs, we're able to scale and grow in a way that we couldn't before." PMG took the time to strengthen its "rock-solid foundation," leading to greater flexibility and room for continued success.

Martinez concludes, "We found the industry leader in Cvent, and I want to continue that partnership so we can both grow."

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About the Company:

Professional Media Group (PMG) is a trade media company that serves the K12 and Higher Education markets. PMG publishes District Administration magazine for K12 superintendents and top-level administrators, while its other publication, University Business, satisfies the needs of college and university management. The organization supports its business through a diverse events management landscape that includes one large annual tech conference, UBTech, and a myriad of regional Superintendent Summits across the country each year.

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