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Warwick International Hotels Success Story

Warwick International Hotels

Using Cvent Business Transient enabled Warwick Hotels to close more deals and win more business. We saw our bid opportunities quadruple from 351 bids to 1,360 bids in the first year of implementation"
Barrymore Edwards,
Director of Global Sales,
Warwick Hotels

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Warwick Hotels


New corporate accounts
in first year


Increased bid opportunities

The Beginning

In 1998, Warwick Hotels began using a technology to connect to the global distribution system (GDS) and process online RFPs. But, this original system had limitations. Their past technology identified RFPs that fit certain property criteria, but could not identify all potential corporate RFPs within the radius of their properties. This was problematic because Warwick did not have full control to facilitate negotiations with more businesses.

Building a Bigger Pipeline

In 2013, Barrymore Edwards, director of global sales of the Americas at Warwick, recognized their existing RFP system did not adequately meet Warwick’s global vision. Already familiar with Cvent, Edwards knew the Cvent platform would generate more opportunities.

Edwards’ main objectives were:

  • Increase market share
  • Generate more room nights
  • Respond to market leads quickly

After analyzing the cost of switching to Cvent, Edwards believed the Cvent platform brought the best opportunity to meet his main objectives. Cvent provided vast access to the GDS, followed incoming corporate RFPs, updated room night rates, monitored in-progress bids, as well as helped identify new potential accounts. The choice was clear.

More Leads, More Revenue

With greater visibility to corporate RFPs, through Cvent Business Transient, Warwick’s bid opportunities nearly quadrupled in size from 351 bids to 1,360 bids in the first year- an increase of 258 percent. Using Cvent Business Transient, Warwick added 12 new corporate accounts in the first year and now has the sourcing technology to find more business. The chain has closed more deals and won more business for its 55 locations and 8,500 hotel rooms since using Cvent.

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About the Company:

Selling more room nights and increasing market share is a constant challenge for hotels. One hotel chain that sought to capture this essential business is Warwick International Hotels. Warwick’s number one goal was to become a global preferred hotel destination for corporate travelers. Cvent Business Transient was part of that global vision.

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