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World's Largest Provider of
Conference Registration Software

Conference Registration Software

Cvent's event and conference registration software is a tool to make organizing and planning conferences as easy and straightforward as possible. Our end-to-end conference management tools can streamline conference registrations, conference promotions and marketing, travel logistics, payment collection and more. Customer's across the globe, from smaller organizations and non-profits to large Fortune 500 companies, are improving their conferences and other large events with Cvent's conference management software.

Benefits of Using Cvent's Online Conference Management Software

  • Save time: Instead of working between multiple applications, or even processing hand-written and mailed registration forms, Cvent's conference registration software takes registration work off the meeting planner's plate and puts it online. Cvent makes registration a hands-off process where the registrants can enter their personal data and register themselves.
  • Save money: There is an opportunity cost associated with all the menial tasks planners perform just just to get people registered for conferences. Our software removes that work, and the hours and hours of work and expenses to your organization that it represents.
  • Customizable registration forms allow you to use as much or as little information as you need to collect registrations. Set tiered pricing and access levels for certain groups of attendees.
  • Allow your registrants to alter and edit their own registration information.
  • Set dynamic and intricate conference session paths that registrants can sign up for and attend. Cvent's online conference management software also allows you to set permissions and restrictions online so some attendees are only allowed to see and attend certain sessions during your conferences.
  • Easily handle refunds and cancellations for your attendees with seamless integration with bank accounts. Cvent is PCI Level 1 compliant, meaning your data and your attendees' data is safe..
  • Set laptop or tablet sign-in stations at your conference site where attendees can easily check-in and get name badges.
  • Obtain a wealth of information in robust reports: View and export up to 70 standard reports that present your conference reporting data in concise, colorful charts so you can measure and analyze your successes as well as the areas needing improvement.

Cvent Works Hard to Make Your Conference Successful

We've been developing and improving our conference management software since 1999 all with the goal of helping to make our clients' conferences more successful by providing them the most robust online conference management solution available. From money saved to higher attendance and lower cancellation rates, Cvent prides itself on providing the software that has benefitted some of the world's largest and most influential companies.

Our persistence to remain the world's largest provider of conference registration software means frequent updates, often including features requested by our users. Cvent has grown to where it is today because of our happy and successful clients and their conferences and other events. Call us today or start an online chat with a Cvent representative and see how our conference software will take your events to the next level.