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Event Management Integrations

Event Management Integrations

Cvent's Event Management tools integrate with other leading SaaS solutions, allowing you to sync your events, contacts and other data to the other key systems in use at your organization. Integration

Cvent IntegrationCvent's direct integration with allows you to easily exchange data between key business applications. With many deep touchpoints, you can pull invitee information from Salesforce to Cvent and push registration activity from Cvent to Salesforce. The integration can interact with multiple objects, and is customizeable to match your business process.
Cvent's integration with

Eloqua Integration

Cvent Eloqua IntegrationLeverage Cvent's Event Management Solution with the Eloqua Cloud Connector to link your event activity with the rest of your marketing automation programs. When a person RSVPs for an event in Cvent, immediately reflect that activity in Eloqua and place them in a contact group for reference and analysis, or use a program feeder to automate follow up action.
Cvent's integration with Eloqua

Marketo Integration

Cvent Marketo IntegrationWith Cvent's Marketo partnership, not only do you have a platform to deliver better events - but event activity and attendee behavior is automatically reflected in Marketo. This integration allows users to build more complete customer profiles, so they can create campaigns that accelerate the sales cycle, increase conversions and enhance existing customer relationships.
Cvent's integration with Marketo

Webex Integration

Cvent Webex IntegrationCvent's Webex Integration enables Webex users to pass WebEx participation info back to Cvent through Cvent's front-end registration system. Keep your branding, enhance your registration forms, and always have up to date information in WebEx.
Cvent's integration with WebEx

Concur Integration

Cvent Concur IntegrationUse Cvent's integration with Concur travel to merge the process of booking flights into your attendee management system. Manage travel spend with greater control while increasing compliance with organization-wide travel policies. Online booking, reporting and support functions allow you to reduce travel expenses and streamline the travel procurement process.
Cvent's integration with Concur