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Event Planning Efficiency Testimonial

Cvent is designed to make planning and managing events less time-consuming for planners. Cvent keeps creative control in the hands of the event planner, but automates repetitive functions like email reminders, attendee communications and payment processing. Attendees can update their own contact information, and modify or cancel their registration on their own.

Event Planning Efficiency

"Cvent will help make your life so easy when it comes to planning all events, especially meetings or private functions, special events, whatever just because everything is in one place."
Jodee Warner, EDJ Associates, Inc

"I like all the features because it made my professional life easier. So my job has become easier. I really like them all."
JoAnna Engstrom-Brown, Ctr. for Biosecurity Univ. Pittsburgh Medical Center

"Since we've started using Cvent, I don't have to troubleshoot as much while using the product. Using Cvent I don't have to talk to people one-on-one on the phone. Once we put the registration online, Cvent's there and it's a done deal. It just saves time."
Kimberly Fletcher, Natl. Assoc of State Units on Aging

"Cvent has saved us so much time and so much money. But mainly time, and it's been awesome."
Melissa Boye, U.S. Conf. of Catholic Bishops

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