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Ultimate Guide to Negotiations

Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and easy-to implement online tools create powerful opportunities to share the right message, at the right time, to the right planner. Use this guide to help accelerate group bookings at your property and inspire planners using seamless online conversations.

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Ultimate Guide to Negotiations

Ultimate Guide to Negotiations

Behind every successful group business contract is a hotel professional using smart negotiation practices. Try the bold negotiation tips outlined in this eBook, Ultimate Guide to Negotiations, in order to convert more group business.

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Group Business Therapy

Join these hotel professionals as they talk through the obstacles they've encountered at their hotels in order to find actionable solutions. With our help, they'll rally and revitalize their group business in the next quarter. Read on to get your diagnosis.

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boosting group business

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Hoteliers eBook

Turn your social media into a group business lead machine. Learn the strategies and easy tactics you need to attract more meeting and event planners to your property.

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A Hotelier's Guide to Managing Planner Relationships During Challenging Events

We know hosting events and working with planners can be incredibly stressful. Read this eBook to learn about strategies for minimizing conflict and managing it if it occurs.

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Reports & Whitepapers


2017 Gen X Planner Report

Check out what planners ages 35-52 want from their meetings and events and get ideas of how to make that happen. You'll see how their preferences have changed since last year, letting you prepare for 2018 with a jump start.

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2017 Gen Y Planner Report

Get inside millennials' heads with the 2017 Gen Y report. We polled planners ages 18-34 to get a better idea of how they plan, manage, and boost their events for companies, associations, and SMERF markets. Compare this year's data with last year's while building your sales and marketing plans for the future.

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2016 Trends Report and 2017 Forecast

2016 Trends Report and 2017 Forecast

Learn the game changers and planner perspectives from the past year to prepare your sales and marketing teams for 2017. Use this guide to build a stronger strategy moving forward, comparing your best practices with the experts'.

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2016 Planner Sourcing Report

From budgeting to the entire online sourcing process, we polled planners about what makes their planning experience successful. In the second year of this survey, hoteliers benefit from side-by-side data comparison for better insights into what planners want.

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2016 Cvent Planner Loyalty Study

Hotels and venues are striving to maintain planner loyalty and attract repeat group business because repeat business is vital to a hotel or venue's group business health. In this study, we surveyed 500 meeting planners and 500 venues to discover the factors each group believes influence repeat group business the most.

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2015 Planner Sourcing Report

We interviewed over 800 planners to bring you the insights into their sourcing behaviors you need to convert more group business. Read this report to find out everything they donít want you to know about their habits.

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Best Practices for Hotel Group Sales Teams

Need a roadmap for navigating your sales team through the rise of eRFP technology? We wrote the manual on it in this whitepaper on sales efficiency in this new age.

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2015 Gen X Planner Report

Generation X planners are maturing into the leaders of the meetings and events industry. Do you know what it takes to attract them to your property and convert their business? Find out in this report.

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2015 Gen Y Planner Report

The biggest emerging generation in group business, Millennial planners are going to completely disrupt the industry in the next few years. Learn about their behaviors in this report.

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10 Ways to Win More Group Business

Group business technology is moving so fast that itís hard to keep up when youíre so focused on meeting your sales numbers. Thatís why we created this whitepaper on the best practices your team needs to implement today.

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The Voice of the Customer

How meeting planners are sourcing venues…and what you can do about it.

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2015 Millennial Planner Infographic

Everyone in our industry is talking about the rise of the millennial planner. Learn about a few of their peculiar habits in this infographic.

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Do Hotels Know What Meeting Planners Really Want in Promotions?

Sales and marketing used to be an art. You went with your gut and experience told you would work. Today, we have the data to backup our instincts like this infographic does for planner promotions.

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On-Demand Hospitality Cloud Webinars

Whether you are a CVB, individual property, or a large chain, Cvent Hospitality Cloud webinars cover emerging issues and trends in group business and strategies to help you adapt and win. Watch our experts and thought leaders present educational content and solutions so you can stay ahead.

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Success Stories


Saratoga Convention & Tourism

Saratoga Convention and Tourism Bureau turned to Cvent to advertise their meeting destination to the 67,000+ meeting planners sourcing through the Supplier Network.

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Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park partnered with Cvent, listing all of their hotel and meeting space information on the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN), where over 67,000 meetings planners source their events.

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Group Business Trends by Cvent

With $9.8B worth of RFP volume in 2015 alone, Cvent's data can be seen as an indicator for the health of group business. We've built a free, interactive tool that let's you explore our data around ADR, RFPs, behaviors, and planners.

Explore Trends


Group Business Evaluator by Cvent

Ever wonder how your group business processes compare to your market competition? We've developed a free tool that scores your best practices and allows you to compare them to your market.

Evaluate Group Business

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