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Group Business Solutions for Suppliers

A Key Piece to the Supplier Marketing Strategy

The Cvent Destination Guide and Cvent Supplier Network allow suppliers to directly connect and establish relationships with more than 74,000+ planner users who rely on these tools to research destinations, find venues and source group business. As Cvent promotes planner awareness of site selection resources and drives business to suppliers through our platform, we act as an extension of your marketing arm. To find out how, see a free demo.

  • 74,000+ planner users across every market segment
  • 1.4 million+ total events and meetings managed
  • 1,200 new orgs sourcing per month
  • Complimentary basic listing for all suppliers
  • No commission or transaction fees

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Supplier Marketing Strategy
Values of the Meetings & Event Market

The Opportunity to Stand Out
from the Competitive Pool

With more than a third of hotel revenue being generated from meetings and events, suppliers realize the tremendous competition amongst hotels, venues and destinations in the industry. As technology has made information available at the click of a button, suppliers have to do more to build brand awareness and avoid getting lost in the sea of possibilities meeting planners are presented with today.

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Value of the Meetings & Events Market

Reaching Meeting Planners at Every Step of the Process

Cvent Marketing Bundles are designed to help properties and destinations establish a strong presence for their brand across every channel planners rely on during the site selection and sourcing process. A variety of placements across Cvent’s core marketing solutions are included in every bundle so properties can gain exposure to planners in the research, buying or any other phase of the event sourcing life cycle.

Proactively Search Through Group Business Opportunities in the RFP Showcase

We’ve given planners the option of releasing their RFPs to our open market. This means you can now actively find RFPs you're qualified for. We automatically filter out any you're not based on restrictions planners put on them so you know the ones you see are high-value opportunities.

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Advertising opportunities and marketing
solutions for every type of supplier

Solutions by Supplier Type