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"Through the web surveys, we were able to get a more detailed look into our clients' issues, what they wanted to see."
Marketing Specialist, Victor O. Schinnerer & Company
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With Cvent's professional web survey software, organizations can streamline the way they collect feedback and timely business intelligence. Professionals can use Cvent's web survey software to test markets, qualify leads, measure program effectiveness, enhance company culture and gauge stakeholder opinions. Using web survey software is the new norm for conducting and managing surveys, and is more effective and efficient than traditional surveying techniques.


Survey Software Functions

Cvent's web survey software can be used to perform a number of key functions at organizations of all kinds. Our web surveys are used for every essential survey-related function. Whether you work for a small business or a large company in need of an Enterprise Feedback Management tool, Cvent can meet your survey needs. Marketers can benefit from our market research surveys to make smart decisions, HR departments can gauge employee satisfaction and organizations can improve client satisfaction through feedback.

Professional Web Survey Software Features

Cvent's web survey tools provide the survey management, data collection and reporting tools you need to get the most out of your organization's budget and staff. Our web survey solutions include a range of unique features, allowing marketers, HR specialists and other survey creators to easily construct sophisticated surveys.

Web Survey Resources

Visit our library of survey related resources for white papers and educational documents. Discover how Cvent's web surveys software helps organizations make informed decisions and ultimately improve their overall bottom line.

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