Welcome to the Lean Manufacturing Assessment Tool for the Printing Industry

This quick, confidential assessment from PRINTING United Alliance is designed to give you a sense of where your company stands with regard to exploiting the power of Lean Manufacturing. It is based on Iwao Kobayashi’s 20 Keys to Workplace Improvement.  

This free assessment tool is provided in support of the Continuous Improvement Conference, held each April. This conference is the only annual event to focus on refining your business through Lean leadership and achieving operational excellence in the printing and converting industries. 

The assessment asks you to rank your company in 13 areas, each a key principle or tool of Lean. Please enter a score of 0 to 5 in each area. Once all 13 scores are entered, the assessment provides a scorecard of what you have entered (please print this out for your records). Using your printout you can immediately compare your company to others that have taken the assessment survey so that you know roughly where your company stands against other companies.

Even if your company is not using many Lean Manufacturing concepts, taking the assessment will help you understand how companies are using Lean in an effort to get a competitive advantage. 

To get the most from this assessment, we recommend that you discuss your answers with company colleagues and reach a consensus before entering them. You should find the exercise of evaluating your company’s status to be beneficial.