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Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Success Story

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) is a federation of 39 separate health insurance organizations and companies in the United States. The nation's oldest and largest family of health benefits companies, BCBSA provides health insurance to over 100 million (one in three) Americans.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield AssociationThe BCBSA holds approximately 120 educational and training programs each year for local BCBSA companies across the United States. With more than 7,750 registrants annually, the organization very much needed an easy and efficient way to process credit card transactions to collect registration fees. But the BCBSA was using an in-house contact management system to handle registrations, which was not set up to accept credit card payments.

"No matter how many times we knocked on IT's door, we heard that it couldn't be done," said Florence Powdermaker, a supervisor for BCBSA.

Powdermaker's team had to manually enter credit card information into Excel spreadsheets, which were sent back and forth between the training group and finance department to process payments. Not only was this method slow-moving, but it also posed a security risk, as storing credit card information in Excel spreadsheets leaves sensitive data vulnerable.

begin quoteWe saw that Cvent was a step ahead of the competition and felt more confident going with themend quote
—said Florence Powdermaker, a supervisor for BCBSA


BCBSA engaged in an active search to find an online event registration vendor that had excellent e-commerce functionality as well as the ability to easily run the detailed and comprehensive reports the organization needs to measure the effectiveness of its educational programs.

The team conducted an extensive and thorough evaluation of available solutions, seeking the perfect combination of functionality, ease of use and technical support at the right price. Upon selecting Cvent, BCBSA cited the company's solid reputation in the industry and robust reporting capabilities as key drivers behind the decision.

"We saw that Cvent was a step ahead of the competition and felt more confident going with them," said Powdermaker.


BCBSA lists the primary benefits of using Cvent as ease of use, ability to register hundreds in minutes, accuracy, and timesavings.

Powdermaker estimates that prior to Cvent, one-third of her staff's time was spent just processing credit card transactions. With Cvent, her staff spends little to no time on this process and is thereby free from administrative tasks. This increased productivity is invaluable to BCBSA, as the staff can now focus on more strategic initiatives like improving the content of their educational and training programs.

Since implementing Cvent, BCBSA has seen a 72% increase in registrations per event. Without the Cvent tool, Powdermaker is convinced that her team would have been unable to produce as many events and adequately handle the significant registration and payment transaction flow. The increase in registrations and the productivity gains have had a significant impact on BCBSA's bottom line.

"We look forward to working with Cvent to improve our event planning process for years to come," said Powdermaker.

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