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Group Marketing Solutions for
Every Supplier Type

Customized Marketing Packages Designed to Drive Group Business

Cvent recognizes that every supplier is not created equal and therefore we have designed advertising opportunities to exclusively meet the needs of every unique supplier type in the industry. Regardless of the type of group business you are most interested in attracting, Cvent can help you create a customized marketing package that will enable you to gain more exposure, build brand awareness, steer business away from your competition, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Chain Properties

Stay top of mind so planners remember your chain and the unique value you bring to meetings.

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Independent &
Boutique Properties

Showcase the features that make your property unique to capture planners looking for a specialized event experience.

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and Visitors Bureaus

Help planners identify the unique characteristics that set your destination apart from the rest.

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Convention & Conference Centers

Book large citywide events and fill smaller meeting rooms by showing planners you are more than just an exhibit hall.

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Hospitality Advertising Agencies

Discover the leading group business channels and recommend new revenue streams to clients.

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Hotel Management Companies & Ownership Groups

Gain insight into your properties’ performance and ensure they are positioned to maximize group revenue.

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