Discover new leads and planners sourcing on the Cvent Supplier Network

Get valuable planner information and proactively find new RFPs directly from one of the world’s largest event-sourcing platforms.

Engage the right prospects

Proactively find your ideal planner with insights into past bookings and previously submitted RFPs. Our hotel planner database is ever-growing, giving you more planner prospecting data every day.

Work more efficiently and save time 

Organise your top leads by instantly building custom lists and favourites. Make your prospecting management easy with a streamlined dashboard, and craft prospect pitches faster by leveraging AI.

See how it works for your team

Director of Sales and Marketing

Build a robust pipeline so you can reach and even exceed your revenue targets. 

General Manager

Improve and streamline your venue's prospecting strategy.

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Planner Navigator is a very new product for us. At the moment, the proactive team has started using it to field out.

Amy Russell

Meetings and Events Distribution Manager



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