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Lead Management Tools for Suppliers

Product Features to Strengthen Your Sales Team

Cvent’s enhanced product features for suppliers act as an extension of your sales team. Utilize the full combination of features for optimal efficiency, or pick and choose features based on key need areas. All features are available for purchase at a corporate or property level and can help your team bring business across the finish line.

For more information, contact the Cvent Sales Team.

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Don't Miss a Beat: The Personal Assistant

If your company prides itself on quick RFP response, it is important to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Be confident that your sales team is responding to leads efficiently and effectively with Cvent’s Routing and Escalation Rules. Automatic triggers are set to alert sales management of delayed or unsuitable responses. Common rules include, but are not limited to:

  • Escalating an RFP that remains in Awaiting Proposal status for more than X hours
  • Escalating a certain planner organization’s RFPs if they are Turned Down
  • Routing a certain planner organization’s RFP to a specific inbox
  • Automatically Turning Down a RFP if it doesn’t meet certain criteria (meeting space only, less than 50 room nights, etc.)

Make a Statement: The Graphic Designer

Make sure your proposal stands out from the rest. Add a unique personal touch to your traditional Cvent proposals by adjusting the color, font, and branding with Custom Proposal Templates.

  • Use your own logos and colors to help you stick out from the many responses planners review
  • Create a winning proposal by showing planners the time and effort you put into responding to their request
  • Purchase on behalf of an individual venue, or a group of properties, to help build brand recognition and differentiate from your competitive set

All Hands on Deck: The Team Player

If your Cvent account has a limited user quantity, it may be difficult the share the workload across multiple members of the team. Adding multiple properties and multiple users within one central account will help make your internal workflow more efficient.

  • Utilize and share information in one central account
  • Spend less time replicating work by copying and referring to past responses from users
  • Determine various user permissions to maintain control of lead flow and profile updates

Don't Wait, Integrate

Cvent’s API access provides the ability to connect your back office system to Cvent for a seamless data transfer.

  • Venues can effectively manage Supplier Network lead flow using Newmarket International’s Meeting Broker application.
  • Request additional integrations or learn more about the integrations Cvent currently utilizes by contacting