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Event Customer Service Testimonial

Cvent's award-winning customer care team provides support with expertise and a human touch. Whether a client needs help solving a particular problem, training on a new feature, or just best practice tips on managing an event, Cvent's customer service team is happy to help.

Event Customer Service

"Customer Care Team is amazing."
Maame Ameyaw, Institute for Educational Leadership, DC

"The Cvent Customer Care Team has been awesome. They really are very attentive."
Melissa Boyle, U.S. Conf. of Catholic Bishops

"The Care Team is amazing. I always feel like every time I call them and I need to go through a problem or maybe have a question, those guys are there."
JoAnna Engstrom-Brown, Ctr. for Biosecurity Univ. Pittsburgh Medical Center

"If I didn't get to something during the week, I don't have to wait until Monday. I can call them on a Saturday."
Renee Watts, Small & Emerging Contractor's Advisory Forum

"I pick up the phone. I say, "Hi, I want you to help me." They say, "We'd be happy to help you," and it basically gets resolved."
Julie Perlmutter, The Creative Network

"Anytime I needed help or assistance or a workaround, they were able to provide that information for me. It made me confident in the job that I had to do, and I was able to do it successfully with their help."
Laurenne Sayles, Leon H. Sullivan Foundation

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