Why did you choose Cvent?


"I applied to Cvent because I wanted to work for a respected, innovative company in the events industry. Little did I know that I would go on to build lifelong friendships and business relationships.

Being surrounded by such passionate, hardworking people inspires me to come to work every day and give it my best."

Rose K.
Client Services, Portland, OR


"I chose Cvent because I wanted to take charge of my career. I was attracted to Cvent's culture and the innovation coming out of the company.

Cvent is a place where your career is truly what you make it and you are part of a team of people who genuinely build you up."

Ron J.
Sales, Tysons, VA

Why have you stayed?



“No two days are ever the same at Cvent – that’s what life is like at a fast-paced, growing, and high-performing company.

I feel connected to the success of the organization and know that Cvent has invested in my professional growth and development as well.”

Stephen M.
Marketing, Austin, TX



"I started my career at Cvent right out of college and today I feel the same way as I did then – proud to be a part of a company whose employees are passionate, driven, innovative, and forward-thinking individuals.

At Cvent, you make an impact. There is so much potential for anyone who wants to succeed and grow here!"

Lauren S.
Human Resources, Tysons, VA


"When interviewing candidates, I'm frequently asked what has made me stay at Cvent for so long? My answer is always the same: the culture and the people.

Cvent has a fast-paced and fun working environment but, more importantly, I get to work with some of the best and brightest individuals in our industry every single day, and that’s pretty exciting!"

Brett W.
Technology, Tysons, VA


"I graduated from the University of Maryland with an accounting degree and some questioned whether sales would be the right career path for me post-graduation.

Cvent gave me the foundation to learn how a business operates and grow in my career. Now, 9 years later, I’m a sales director that also manages operations for all of Europe."

David A.
Sales, London, UK

Why did you come back?


"I first started at Cvent in 2014 after graduating from James Madison University (Go Dukes)! After 3 ½ years with the company, I was ready for a new external career opportunity.

It didn't turn out as I had originally expected and all signs were pointing to come back "home." I missed the fast-paced work atmosphere and, most importantly, the people."

Josh R.
Client Services, Tysons, VA


"The door was never closed when I left Cvent. It was kept open by the people who appreciated my hard work and diligence over the six years I had been with the company. Let that fact itself be a testimonial to the kind of people who make up our amazing company and our truly organic, inclusive company culture.

Cvent’s dynamic, fast-paced environment keeps me learning, adapting, and growing as a sales professional. I’m proud to be a Cventer again!"

Bobby C.
Sales, Tysons, VA