Our Culture and People

Cvent’s not a startup anymore, but you wouldn’t always be able to tell. We’ve worked hard to maintain a culture of entrepreneurship even as we’ve grown larger. So what does it mean to be a Cventer? It means having the freedom to innovate, while still being a part of something larger. It’s having a voice that’s heard, and a team who will listen. It’s working hard, and it’s celebrating our victories.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Cvent has a firm conviction and determination when it comes to its corporate social responsibilities. At the same time, we believe that making “the world a better place” is a rather old-fashioned concept and a very relative one. We envision CSR as a platform to bring together like-minded people so that they can give back to the society to make it a better place. 

Cvent gives back for a cause.

Delhi Half Marathon

Run for a cause that is close to you.

Blood Donation Drives

Our service to humankind and to save precious lives.

Cvent gives back to society.

Collection Drive:

Stand by society when it needs us the most.

Vidya School:

Children are the hope for a better tomorrow.

The stage is set.

Company events are aimed at building upon the strengths of the company while cultivating team spirit, employee confidence, goodwill, and morale. Check out some of the pictures of few such events.



Our special way to celebrate annual success and outline future goals.

Cvent University

Cvent University

Fostering a culture of learning and collaboration at every step is the Cvent DNA.

Happy Hours

Happy Hours

Because we believe in working hard and partying harder.


Team Building Off-sites

A unique opportunity to build upon the company's strengths and develop stronger teams.