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A Message from
Higher Things Conferences

Dear Group Leaders,

Want to know what to bring along to the conference? Read on!

Packing List

A conference t-shirt and bed linens (sheets, blanket, pillow case, pillow, towels) will be provided, so don’t worry about any of that! There will be an offering taken at both Divine Services that will go to offset the expenses for our College Conference Volunteer program. Otherwise, follow the list below: 

  • Comfortable walking shoes (you’ll walk a lot!)
  • Comfortable clothes and nightwear (dressy clothes for Divine Services if you choose, but it’s not necessary) 
  • Toiletries and personal items
  • Bible, notebooks, pens (not necessary, but helpful!)
  • Those attending in Nebraska WILL need to bring their own pillows.

Group Leader Details

Group leaders should have the following forms completed and signed for each person traveling with your group (including adults!) accessible in case of emergency. Higher Things does not collect these forms. Group leaders will use them in the care of their own youth. Both forms can be found in the downloadable Registration Materials Packet

  • Registration forms (appropriately signed)
  • Medical Release/History

Any questions on the specifics? We can help! Just let us know.

Coming Soon

  • All things Catechesis, including the Pre-Conference Bible Study! 


Sandra Madden and Crysten Sanchez

Conference Executive and Conference Coordinator
Higher Things, Inc.

2019 Concordia Logo

“The Word of the Lord endures forever.”
(1 Peter 1:25)

“Concordia.” It literally means “with one heart” in Latin. The Church is unified around the confession of Jesus as our Lord and Savior like a congregation singing together in many different parts but singing the same song together in perfect harmony.

Concordia isn’t just a feeling that we are one. It’s not only something that we strive to have. We don’t sacrifice what we believe in order to be unified. True Concord is always centered around the confession of Christ and Him crucified!

God speaks. We receive His words into our ears. He gives our tongues the words to say to Him and to those around us. We repeat, together, His Words back to Him. We sing them, we confess them, all agreeing together, “with one heart and voice” our confession of Jesus!

In a world where youth are tempted to compromise, Higher Things is excited to plan our 2019 Conferences centered on the theme of the Church and Unity.

What have I missed?

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