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Event Management Integration with Eloqua

Event Management Integration with Eloqua

A key component of digital body language, event participation should be a part of any scoring or nurturing program.

Leverage Cvent's Event Management Solution with the Eloqua Cloud Connector to link your event activity with the rest of your marketing automation programs. When a person RSVPs for an event in Cvent, immediately reflect that activity in Eloqua and place them in a contact group for reference and analysis, or use a program feeder to automate follow-up actions.

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Cvent's Features Enhance Eloqua

  • Secure Payment Processing Cvent is a PCI Level 1 provider, compatible with multiple ecommerce gateways, and can handle payments, refunds, credits, and multiple discount types.
  • Dynamic Registration Paths maintain different registration options for different contact types, such as member, non-member, VIP, sponsor, etc.
  • Session management easily manage breakout sessions with capacity, waitlists, session notifications, credits, and custom registration rules
  • Travel Management track room blocks, match roommates, collect travel requests, manage table assignments, name badges, and more.
  • Reporting Leverage any of Cvent's 100+ standard event specific reports, or create your own custom reports with our flexible reporting module.

Eloqua Integrates With Cvent Via:

  • Eloqua Cloud Connector automatically feed registration information from Cvent.
  • Tracking Code on Event Website profile invitee interaction on your event website.
  • Seamless Email and Hypersite hand-off pass information into Cvent from Eloqua via HTTP post when invitees RSVP from outside of Cvent.
  • Email Tracking when invitees interact with emails from Cvent, record this activity in Eloqua by sending through a Blind Form.