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eMarketing Testimonial

Because Cvent stores all of your contact data and history in one centralized database, Cvent makes a powerful platform for conducting email marketing campaigns in conjunction with your events. Build your audience by allowing people to sign up for emails directly on your website.


"Since Cvent is such a big part of our database, it's where we keep all of our contact information, using the e-marketing tool and integrating it with our event management system, it just made sense. We send out our newsletters this way. We send out our webinar announcements this way. We send out any sort of quick blasts. And the best part about it is people can sign up on our website and then be already in our system. So that when I'm having an event, I can also reach out to these people who signed up for the newsletter."

"People are forwarding on the emails that they're getting, or people are emailing me and saying, "How can I sign up to receive more information?" You send them directly to our website, and then they become part of our Cvent database, for us to be able to market to them later on for events. So, it works for us all around."
Maame Ameyaw, Institute for Educational Leadership, DC

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