Promote events, share video, and help attendees discover your events

Event calendaring

Video channels

Audio translations, subtitles, & captions

Video chaptering

AI-generated titles and descriptions

Drive attendance and boost engagement

Give prospective attendees more reasons to attend upcoming events and show them what they’ll miss if they don’t register for that next big event.

  • Display your upcoming event calendar so attendees can register for events with a click of a button
  • The power of social proof: attendees see which events their connections are attending
  • Banner ads with click-through buttons help showcase your big events and drive registration to them

Create, edit, and share to extend the value of your events

A suite of tools that can turn a mountain of videos into a delightful viewing experience. Keep your audiences engaged with your event program and coming back for more.

  • Re-use and recycle videos generated from Cvent Webinar and Cvent Attendee Hub and feature them in Events+
  • Edit your videos with chaptering, trimming, and AI-generated titles and descriptions for a polished look and feel
  • Add captions, subtitles, and audio translations and ensure your videos are accessible to all audiences.
  • Control the viewing experience and keep it free from disruptive ads

Expand your brand’s reach

Events generate lots of video. Keep your audiences inspired with on-demand access to your best video content with an on-brand personalized experience.

  • Upload logos and match your color schemes to ensure everything is on-brand
  • Content gating to ensure that only the right eyes can see your video content
  • Promote your event program and drive your video marketing strategies
  • Robust analytics tell you how your videos are performing and help you drive content decisions

Easily edit, manage, and store videos

Effortlessly manage and distribute content without the hassle of uploading and downloading large video files multiple times.

  • Clip and trim content to highlight important parts of large videos
  • Organize video content into multiple centers, channels, and subgroups to give a unique experience to each audience
  • Include additional video files (up to 15GB each) to complete your video library

Drive more views and engagement with your video descriptions using Cvent AI

Quickly spin up video descriptions that resonate with viewers with the help of our AI Writing Assistant.


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