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Event Management Data Integration with

Event Management Data Integration with

Cvent's integration with leading CRM tool provides clients with an easier way to exchange data between key on-demand applications. Event invitee and registrant data can be set up to seamlessly transfer between Cvent and Customization options allow you to align the integration to your business processes.

  • Easily set the integration options using a simple configuration interface
  • Transfer data seamlessly, without the need to export or import files
  • Map data fields between Cvent and to match information between applications
  • Define which fields uniquely identify contacts, leads, and accounts
  • Activate, deactivate, or modify integration settings for each unique event

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Cvent to Salesforce

  • Transfer Cvent data into as leads or as contacts
  • Prevent duplicates by syncing Cvent contacts with existing leads and contacts
  • Automatically create tasks based on "integration points," such as when a person receives an invitation or registers to attend an event
  • Tasks can be set as opened or closed, and can be assigned based on lead assignment rules
  • Automatically add or update Cvent invitees as campaign members; member status is driven by invitee actions taken in Cvent

Integration Points

  • Invitation is sent
  • Invitation is opened
  • Invitation email bounces
  • Invitee registers
  • Invitee declines
  • Invitee attends the event

Salesforce to Cvent

  • Retrieve current lead or contact data for pre-population in Cvent survey forms
  • From Cvent, do an advanced search into (contacts, leads, or campaigns) and seamlessly pull results into a Cvent contact group
  • Choose to append or replace existing Cvent contact groups when updating from