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Payment Collection Testimonial

Cvent's payment collection features automate the process of collecting payments, offering discounts and giving whole or partial refunds. Cvent is a perfect record-keeper, so by collecting payments through the system your organization will be better prepared when it's time for an audit.

Payment Collection

"The fee collection is great. It is so much easier to give out a refund to someone who is not attending the event anymore, or someone who canceled just one part of their program."

"Every year we have auditors come to our company, and it's wonderful to be able to go to Cvent and be able to pull out all of this information, so that they can match it up. Everything is in the system, so it saves a lot of time, energy, and for them, they think it's a wonderful tool as well. It makes it look like I'm doing all of the work, when really I know it's not me."
Maame Ameyaw, Institute for Educational Leadership, DC

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