A Strategy for Every Season

Since hotels' group business needs change every season, sales and marketing teams fight to keep up with planner sourcing behaviors year-round. In this three-part webinar series, we'll dig deeper into hotels' unique seasonality patterns, steps for effective seasonal budgeting, and year-round property exposure strategies that drive high-quality group demand.

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Webinar Series Schedule

Kyle Wolfson

Kyle Wolfson

Hospitality Cloud
Sales Manager
Cvent, Inc.

How to Develop a Seasonality-Based Marketing Strategy

March 8th at 2pm EST

Attracting consistent transient and group business requires setting goals that are informed by planner sourcing behaviors. The actual data behind when, where, and why planners source lets you identify the right strategies for bringing qualified leads to your properties or destination. With retention, upselling, and growth in mind, this webinar dissects how a seasonality-based strategy can increase your marketing effectiveness year-round.

Megan Lau

Megan Lau

Digital Marketing Manager
Cvent, Inc.

How to Budget for Seasonal Marketing Success

March 15th at 2pm EST

In part one of the series, we discuss the value of a seasonality-based marketing plan. In part two, we use actual data to illustrate how an updated strategy should guide your budget to better align with sales goals. Discover common hotel marketing budget mistakes and get tips for revamping your hotel's marketing budget for every season. From marketing trends to comp set data, you get the big picture and actionable steps for improving and increasing quality group and transient leads.

Jeffrey Emenecker

Josh Davis

Product Manager
Cvent, Inc.

How to Identify, Attract, and Convert the Ideal Planner Year-Round

March 22nd at 2pm EST

Planners source event venues from a variety of devices and channels throughout the buying cycle, presenting unique engagement opportunities for hotels and destinations. But identifying the right segments, creating targeted messaging, and leveraging the proper channels are constant challenges. In this webinar, we build on the strategic implications of seasonality and budgeting from our first two webinars, and show you how to engage targeted planner segments and drive group demand all year.