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Cvent's Top 50 Meeting Destinations
in the United States

What's the perfect host city for your upcoming event? When it's time to plan the perfect meeting, there's a lot to consider. That's why Cvent set out to identify the top 50 meeting destinations in the United States. Every city has its own unique flavor, but which cities are the most popular among planners? We evaluated over 1,000 cities, ranking them based on meeting and event booking activity in the Cvent Supplier Network. It's an impressive list! We think you'll find some favorites, and hopefully discover some new areas you may not have considered before. Above all, we hope you find this list to be a valuable resource. So, without further ado, here's the top 50.

Orlando Florida
Orlando, Florida

With the second largest concentration of hotel rooms out of any city in the U.S., Orlando prides itself in being one of the busiest cities in America for conferences and conventions.

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Washington DC

Washington, DC

Home to some of the most recognizable monuments and buildings in the world, Washington, DC offers endless opportunities for meeting and event planning.

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Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the world's top destinations for meetings and conventions, Las Vegas is home to three of the 10 largest convention centers in the U.S.

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Miami Florida

Miami, Florida

With three major convention centers in the area - Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Convention Center and Miami Airport Convention Center - Miami can fulfill the needs of a broad spectrum of conferences.

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Chicago Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

With more than 46 million people within one day's drive of Chicago, more people travel to the "Windy City" for overnight business than any other U.S. destination.

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San Diego California

San Diego, California

With 70 miles of beaches, 92 golf courses, over 100 culturally diverse neighborhoods, 120 meeting hotels, and an abundance of event venues for groups of 10 to 30,000, San Diego is an ideal meeting destination.

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Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona

With sunny skies and a year-round average temperature of 74 degrees, Phoenix is a convention-friendly city that offers an exceptional collection of hotels and resorts with nearly 55,000 guestrooms and modern meeting facilities.

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Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

Located within a two-hour flight of 80 percent of the U.S. population, Atlanta is one of the most convenient meeting destinations in the country.

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Dallas Texas

Dallas, Texas

Offering planners a perfect blend of historic charm and modern amenities, Dallas is a vibrant city with an ever-evolving stream of new meeting hotels, flexible event space and cultural institutions.

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New Orleans Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

Convenience is not a problem for planners in New Orleans as this year-round tourist destination offers 40,000 hotels rooms in and around the downtown area and French Quarter.

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