2015 Gen Y Planner Sourcing Report

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Should you be treating Gen Y (Millennial) planners differently? Millennials are becoming an increasingly important part of the event and meetings workforce. But what are their preferences when it comes to sourcing? We surveyed 344 Millennial planners to find out. Their answers might surprise you.

For instance: Did you know that over 30% of respondents said that it'd only take a 6-10% discount to convince them to switch from their first choice venue to their second? Or that only 3% indicated that a hotel's brand was a decision factor?

We didn't before asking.

So we created this report to provide hoteliers with the insights needed to close more group business with Millennials.

It's now up to you to use its findings to create the strategies needed to show planners that you are paying attention and you do care.

Topics include:

  • Planner Flexibility
  • The Sourcing Journey
  • Planners & Proposals
  • Planner Quotes