Cvent accessibility features

Keyboard only navigation

Color contrast

Captioning & subtitles

Alt text and decorative differentiation for images

Proper header structuring

Compatible with most assistive technologies

Plan for accessibility 
with Cvent technology

  • Review Cvent’s independently-audited VPATs for our attendee-facing software including; Registration, Attendee Hub, Webinar, OnArrival, Meeting Request Form, and Access Portals
  • Cvent Supplier Network: Find venues that can cater to your needs. Single floor venues, easily accessibile elevators, rooms for low sensory zones and service animal relief areas
  • Venue 3D diagramming: Organizers can plan for special room considerations like wider aisles for service animals or lower cocktail tables at the networking functions
  • WCAG 2.2 AA-compatible registration websites
  • Registration questions to know specific considerations to meet the needs of attendees according to their specific disability.
Plan for Accessibility

Create accessibility-friendly events 
with Attendee Hub and OnArrival 

Event with a sign language interpreter and warning about insufficient color contrast

Offer hybrid and virtual experiences for attendees who may not be able to travel to your event venue

  • Color contrast controls ensure low-visibility accessibility standards 
  • Registration questions help you collect details about attendees who may require accessibility accommodations 
  • Alt text for event images so they can be easily interpreted by screen readers 
  • Compatibility with most screen readers 
  • Real-time captions and subtitles on video feeds 
  • Video production controls to add interpreter video feeds to the main presentation 
  • Keyboard-only controlled user interfaces for attendees who have difficulty using a mouse 
  • Widgets to include most third-party Java-based assistive technologies as a seamless part of sessions 
Accessibility Friendly Events

Reduce barriers for people with disabilities at your in-person events

  • Self check-in with screen reader compatibilities for people with visual impairments 
  • Text-based Q&A submissions during presentations make it easier for attendees to participate in sessions 
  • Interactive maps help attendees find low sensory rooms, wheelchair elevators, ramps, and other accessible areas 
  • Include text-based discussions around specific topics to spark conversations among all attendees 
  • 1-1 text messaging between attendees to accommodate visual and speech disabilities, which also provides direct line conversations with meeting organizers 

An after-event experience that 
will delight attendees 

  • Video on demand: Place captions and subtitles on video recordings so they can be followed by attendees with hearing impairments
  • Download documents: Let attendees download session transcripts for later use with screen readers and other personal assistive software 
  • Feedback surveys: Follow up with attendees and find out exactly how their experience was at your event and discover new insights for upcoming events

Prepare for accessibility at your events

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