Online Event Registration Software

A New Level of Event Success

  • INCREASE the number of attendees by 20%
  • COLLECT online payments quickly and securely
  • DESIGN custom-branded event websites
  • INTEGRATE seamlessly with leading SaaS solutions
  • MANAGE events easily

Small luncheons? Recurring meetings? Massive multi-day conference? We've got you covered no matter what size your event is!

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Online event registration software by Cvent can increase attendance at your events and decrease event costs. Cvent's registration solution combines advanced functionality with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to design a specialised registration process for your audience.

Growth revenue

With Cvent’s Event Registration System, Planners can:

  • Maximise staff productivity, increase response rates. The days of handling registrations on paper are over, along with the confusion, headaches and mistakes that often accompany those archaic methods.
  • Promote your events on branded event websites. Link to your event site from your organisation's website using HTML text links or dynamic widgets that share key event data. You can customise these widgets within Cvent's event registration system.
  • Collect critical registrant data. Instead of collecting information from your attendees and keying that data into another program, Cvent's solution lets your attendees enter their own information that you can oversee and extract.
  • Build a dynamic, multi-track, multi-session online event registration process. Attendees can sign up for different "tracks" or themed sessions, or even pick and choose from different sessions to make their own dynamic track throughout the course of the overall event.
  • Quickly design simple events to save time. Cvent provides a large selection of attractive registration page templates. Meeting planners can use these pages as it is, or use them as a starting point for customisation.
  • Clone previously created events in minutes. A major advantage of our event registration software is that you can easily duplicate a past event registration page and update it for a new event.
  • Set restricted registrations. Restrict registration by email address, registration code or a unique ID assigned to each invitee and set permissions & restrictions to provide only relevant information to all the invitees.
  • Create custom name badges and mailing labels. You can quickly and easily extract the registered data and populate it into name badges for attendees to wear during events. The same process can be used for generating mailing labels or certificates.
  • Modify or cancel registration and refund attendees. You can also allow registrants to do this themselves. Allowing users to handle this themselves via use of a confirmation number or email address is a major time-saver when managing events.
  • Set up event approval permissions. If your organisation has a large meeting and event program you may have several people in your staff using Cvent's online event registration software. With this feature you can set permissions and limitations for some users to restrict their access to create, edit and launch events.
  • Set up an automated wait list to limit capacity of the event. Whether there simply isn't going to be enough room for everyone who wants to attend a session, or you are branding an exclusive event and want to limit capacity, setting up a waitlist is a simple task.
  • Customise event website to match organisational branding. It is a great way to set your registration pages and event pages apart from others, and to create a seamless experience from your organisation's website to your event.

Ready to take the next step?

Onsite event registration

With Cvent, Registrants are Able to:

  • Submit registrations via web, mobile device, fax and direct mail.
  • Breeze through registration with pre-populated forms.
  • Register a group of attendees at one time to streamline the registration process.
  • Avoid mistakes by entering their own information directly into the system; no worrying about having info misinterpreted or misplaced by event organisers on the other end.
  • Not worry about information and data security. Online payment processing is secure and worry-free. Cvent is PCI Level 1 Compliant.
  • Edit registration information or cancel a registration (and depending on the event's policy, receive a refund).
  • Access housing and travel solutions for easy management of travel group logistics.
  • Easily navigate throughout an event's offerings and design an individual event track by signing up for different sessions or break-outs.

No matter the size or complexity of your events and meetings, Cvent will maximise efficiencies in regards to cost and output. With our top-notch software and ability to provide solutions that perfectly fit the needs of meeting planners, it's no surprise that Cvent has become the world's largest provider of online event registration software.