Introducing Cvent Express

Get your event up and running in minutes.

Cvent Express is the fastest way to get an event up and running. Events can be created in minutes with Cvent Express innovative quick editing and formatting capabilities and responsive design.

Cvent Express has been created specifically for events with simplified registration needs. Its design is intuitive and easy to use. Cvent Express is built for speed, both for the planner and the attendee.

Introducing Cvent Express

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Our customers told us they wanted a quick and easy way to get their events up and running as quickly as possible. Cvent Express offers a good value, easy to use system allowing a planner to create an entire event from website and registration to email invites in minutes. And for attendees, new express ticketing and one-click registration forms make registration effortless.



Cvent Express offers both planners and attendees a streamlined experience. Planners benefit from advancements like one-step event creation, drag and drop email design, and the ability to sync registration with other Cvent products such as OnArrival, SocialWall and CrowdCompass mobile apps*. With Cvent Express, you're in control.
*Coming Soon



Cvent Express comprises state of the art email technology, comprising customisable templates, custom contact fields to personalise messages, and responsive design to ensure they look good on any screen size. With fully responsive websites, high-quality design themes, and an intuitive drag-and-drop visual editor, emails and webpages are simple to create, without the need for outside technical or creative services.



Event technology provides a critical corporate management function by tracking event spend and return-on-investment. However, events with less complex registration have often been managed separately on a one-off basis, making it impossible for companies to have a total view of their event programs. Cvent Express was specifically designed to allow planners to consolidate their events of all sizes in one central system, and execute those events with the power of the entire Cvent Event Cloud.

Cvent Express is designed for events with straightforward registration needs. If your events are more involved or have specific requirements, you should explore our Professional or Enterprise license.