Mosaic Events

Mosaic Events were looking for a more efficient way of planning their 60 annual events for their 20+ clients, and with just a four-person team available, they needed to find a solution to help them properly scale their business and keep their clients (and their client’s delegates) pleased. This meant doing their best to find the ideal event management software provider for their own unique needs.

 The Issue

Mosaic Events is a small business that serves 20+ clients annually. As their portfolio grew, so did the need to find a technology solution that would help them become more efficient in their processes. Their promise, "successful events as a standard," is a source of pride for the organisation and is a bedrock to their success. To improve efficiencies and please clients, they vetted event management technology providers, and were one of the first businesses in the UK to adopt Cvent. Mosaic Events realised it must adopt multi-channel marketing if they wanted to extend MICE business to the global market. Offline marketing was only good in securing domestic business. They needed a simple and user-friendly online marketing solution to connect with international meeting and event planners.

Why Cvent?

From event websites, budgeting, and simplified registration, Cvent offered Mosaic the best option on the market. For Sarah Byrne, Director at Mosaic, Cvent set the standard for what she and her team needed the most: an online system where they could perform all their work, while also providing a portal for customers to view the statuses of their events and conferences. Taking processes off data sheets, word documents and notebooks would ramp up efficiencies and offer clients a clearer view of their events.


Byrne says the effect Cvent had on Mosaic was immediate and exciting. "When I first discovered it, it was a revelation to me. When you go from doing things manually to have a system like that in place, it really is the difference between night and day." While serving their clients, most of which are associations, the team of four could move all their registration paths to Cvent. For third-party planning organisation like Mosaic, this new standardised process helped them deliver for their clients, from marketing events, executing onsite, engage audiences through mobile and helping measure and analyse results. Cvent's automation simplified those manual tasks and shaved working hours off their days, providing cost and time savings. "We often have up to 15 events on the go at one time, and that's quite something to have just four people delivering that, and I think that's testament to the systems we use" says Byrne.

What Mosaic Events Loved

Efficiency and reliability.
Sarah Welsh, Event Coordinator at Mosaic Events finds that having all her tasks resting in a single platform to be a huge benefit. "Everything's online, everything can be kept in one place, it's very efficient." Knowing their diverse clientele have differing, unique needs, means that having a consistent platform on which to operate eases stress and helps these experts achieve a 95% client reappointment rate year after year. Adding more clients has also been achievable. Says Byrne, "we are more efficient, we can manage more events. Cvent does take a lot of the work out of it for us."Along with the efficiency, comes yet another benefit: reliability, "in five years we've never, ever had any problems onsite. Cvent has never gone down and has been absolutely reliable."