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Plan and execute events flawlessly


End-to-end event management using a quick, user-friendly and fully-customizable software

Unparalleled functionality

Easy enough to do it alone, but with advanced functionality to handle all your event types

Increased success

With our industry-leading comprehensive registration and management solutions, you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters

See what our customers are saying

"[With Cvent] I think we saved around about 500 hours of manpower during the registration. It was a single click of a button rather than our manual 3,000 people send out from Outlook."

Hayley McMeeken

Director of Business Improvement, cievents

"I’m not a graphic designer, nor do I have a background in web development, but Flex makes it super easy to create clean, modern registration sites."

Shannon Kontalonis

Conferences and Events Manager, World Strides

"It’s been a lot better for the user, and better for us too! Cvent allows us to house everything in one place so we can manage everything easily."

Emma Suffridge

Event Coordinator, Department of Cultural Relations and University Events, USC

Event planning software handling everything from start to finish

Our event management platform automates and simplifies the entire planning process. Starting with sourcing your venue and ending with custom dashboards and reports after your event. We have everything covered.


Build the perfect event

Easily create every part of your event from promotion to registration.

  • Dynamic online event registration

  • Branded event website

  • Secure event payment processing

  • Global venue search and sourcing



Promote in multiple channels

Send custom content and capture data to better understand your attendees.

  • Targeted event email marketing

  • Contact and profile manager

  • Exhibitor and speaker management

  • Automated room block management



Manage your attendees your way

Take charge of your communications with invitees and registrants before, during, and after your event with our built-in Address Book.

  • Custom contact fields

  • Group contact management

  • Contact importing and exporting

  • Contact search and merge functionality


Measure your success

Results matter. Keep your stakeholders informed with over 100 standard reports built on the same event reporting platform.

  • Robust event reporting

  • Real-time dashboards

  • Attendee tracking and lead capture

  • Live polling and surveys

Cvent works with the systems you already have

With the Cvent Integration Hub you can create a seamless flow of data between any of your SaaS solutions and Cvent. Cvent’s open platform allows you to integrate with any web-based program, including the highlighted below.

Minimize time-to-action on your event leads with seamless data flow to your CRM

Improve your workflow processes and customer engagement simultaneously with connected data, automatic updates, tasks, rule assignments, and much more.

Create campaigns that accelerate the sales cycle and build better customer profiles

Accurately capture event activity and attendee behavior in your Marketing Automation System for more targeted campaigns, stronger messaging, and powerful customer insights.

Make your online meetings and seminars more successful

Seamless sharing of data between web conferencing platforms and Cvent allows event registrants to easily attend virtual meetings. Alleviate the technical frustrations that can sometimes derail registration and attendance.

Wow your members with dynamic events and synchronized profiles

Authenticate your members for your exclusive events and get a 360-degree view of their attendee journey. Skip the manual processes and improve the data flow in your tech stack.

Make booking housing and flights a cohesive part of your attendee management experience

Capture and manage more travel spend while driving compliance to corporate travel policies, reducing travel expenses.

Simplify and automate your event payments for better budgeting

Capture and track meeting and event spend directly and securely in Cvent for greater visibility and more accurate reporting.

Event Management FAQ

Why Cvent?

Cvent is the market leader in event management software. It is used and loved by over 300,000 users with our customer satisfaction rating at 95%*.

Cvent offers comprehensive, integrated, end-to-end event management solutions, from event registration and email marketing, to badging, check-in and ROI analysis. Our software is flexible and can be used to plan events of any size.

What do I get with Cvent?
  • With Cvent Event Management Professional, you gain access to dozens of industry-leading tools, including:
  • 10 complimentary users
  • Event website and marketing tools
  • Event registration and attendee management
  • Flexible registrant payment options
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools
  • And much more 
What are my payment options?

You can purchase Cvent Event Management Professional via contract or pay-as-you-go. Our other products can only be purchased with a contract.

Does the trial cost anything?

No. It’s free to sign up for the trial and to build your events. Launching your event is also free as you will only be charged when you capture registrations.  

Why do I have to enter my credit card information?

We ask customers to provide their credit card information as a backup in the event that what they’re charging does not cover our fees (registration fee & revenue share).  

When will my credit card be charged?

Credit cards will be charged only when you have a negative balance. For example, if the cost of registration doesn’t cover our fees, such as in the case of a free event, the credit card will be charged.  

Where do I find pricing information?

After you build your event and click the “Launch Event” button, you will be presented with your payment options. Our pay-as-you-go payment option consists of a per registration fee, a small percentage of revenue share, and a Cvent Payment Services fee should you decide to use our payment services.  

Alternatively, after you’ve completed the Event Build Wizard and exited the initial Site Designer, you’ll be able to see your account information. If you go to Admin --> Account --> Overview, you’ll see the pricing information listed there.

How does pay-as-you-go event management software work?

You can start building your events using the event build wizard for free. Once you’re ready to launch an event, you’ll click the Launch button and you’ll be presented with the pay-as-you-go payment option, which will require you to provide your credit card and banking information.

You will only be charged when you start capturing registrations.

What support resources are available to me?

When you partner with Cvent, you not only have access to award-winning 24/7 support from our 1,000+ person customer care team, you also join a global community that is determined to ensure your success.

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