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Convention center
Guest Rooms6,862
Guest rooms at 1 hotel543 guest rooms
Special event venues30
Average room rate€200.00
Daily food cost€144.00
Occupancy rate
Tax rate22%

Why Choose Our Destination?

Each year, more and more travellers are choosing Athens for their leisure and business travel -- year round. There are several reasons: Athens offers a variety of things to see and do, and, quite often, under favorable weather conditions. Athens is considered one of Europe’s safest capitals; it’s transportation network is user-friendly; there are hundreds of museums and restaurants to satisfy every taste and accommodations for every budget. Athens offers a wide variety of luxury and mid-range accommodation establishments. Most hotels were upgraded or renovated for the 2004 Olympic Games or built after that, offering exceptional services coupled with the traditional Greek hospitality. Most of Athens' luxurious hotels and international brands are located in the city centre, making it easy for guests to enjoy the rich culture and immerse themselves in the Athenian life. A short drive away, equally luxurious hotels await guests who prefer the mountain air or a room by the sea. The city is filled with treasures just waiting to be discovered: renowned archeological sites, modern and classical art museums and galleries, spas, chic shops, restaurants and bars, street markets and bazaars, open-air cinemas, sandy beaches, picturesque Greek islands in close proximity and 300 sun-drenched days… All of these are here, in Athens. Athens is fast becoming one of Europe’s leading city destinations. And it’s no wonder. World-class cultural attractions, modern amenities, diverse entertainment, natural beauty, services and facilities that would satisfy the most seasoned traveler are all here in the city where democracy was born. Add the warm and hospitable people and you have a travel destination like no other.


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  • Athens International Airport

    33 km from city center



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