Event apps that make it easier than ever to interact and engage with your attendees

Personal agenda building

AI-powered networking

Chat, Q&A, polls & surveys

Push notifications

1:1 attendee messaging

Robust exhibitor profiles

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Cvent Event App
Mobile Event App - Personalize

Event apps that provide a richer, more personalized experience

Instant access to key event details, based on attendee selections and preferences. Attendees are provided with session and networking recommendations powered by AI and view content based on their registration type. Attendees can build their personal agenda on the fly and still adhere to capacity limits and specialized access. 

  • Agenda building with ergometric design 
  • Featured sessions and targeted content
  • Interactive maps to help navigate venue
  • Push notifications
  • Multilingual functionality based on device language
Insights and Incentives

Event apps that build community and engagement

Foster community and keep your attendees on-track and informed in real-time. 

  • Live Q&A, polls, surveys, and gamification
  • AI-powered networking recommendations 
  • 1:1 attendee messaging 
  • Text discussions around key topics 
  • Downloadable session and exhibitor content
Lead generation and brand awareness

Engagement tactics and insights

Track, measure, and analyze attendee engagement to understand what content is being engaged with most, so you can improve your events program. 

  • Content consumption 
  • Web analytics 
  • Engagement scoring 
  • Exhibitor and sponsor reporting 
  • Attendee feedback

Conference apps that foster lead generation and brand awareness

Help exhibitors generate leads and ROI by allowing attendees to request to be contacted — making it easier than ever to schedule in-person or virtual 1:1 meetings. 

  • Virtual booths for exhibitor and sponsor showcase 
  • Display a directory of sponsors and exhibitors
  • Sponsored sessions and exclusive splash pages 
  • Custom game challenges to drive attendee and exhibitor interactions 
  • Capture inbound leads with contact forms, 1:1 appointments, and booth staff 


Hear what our customers have to say


InXpress used Cvent’s integrated solutions to host a safe hybrid event, generating over 150 mobile app downloads, 1.5K check-ins, and dozens of 1:1 appointments.

  • 1,500 check-ins virtually and onsite
  • 165+ app downloads
  • $45K in sponsorship revenue


With the help of Cvent technology, GBA was able to automate labor-intensive tasks and create a more consistent member experience across the attendee journey. 

  • 50% app adoption rate 

  • 81 sessions managed 

  • 800+ registrants


YPO used Cvent's mobile event app to meet the immediate networking needs of its members and create a sense of connectivity and community.

  • 300,000 global registrations 
  • 6,000+ annual events  
  • 5,000+ virtual attendees 

Further enhance Cvent Attendee Hub with:


Facilitate meetings between attendees, employees, sponsors, and exhibitors


Pass event data seamlessly between Cvent and the SaaS solutions you use every day


A centralized hub that lets you share past event content and promote future events

Surveys Premium

Collect smart, timely feedback to increase overall business success year after year

Common questions

What is an event app?

Mobile event apps are applications designed to be installed on modern smartphones. They help attendees navigate an event by providing important information such as agendas, maps, session information, attendee profiles, and more. They also provide features that encourage attendees to participate in sessions, increase their overall engagement and enjoy the event more.

What should an event app have?

While this depends largely on the event type, as various features support certain aspects of each event. Typically, most event apps have the following requirements:

  • Content discovery: event info, agendas, exhibitors
  • Engagement features: gamification, polling, Q&A, surveys
  • Monetization: lead generation and brand awareness
  • Reporting
What are the benefits of an event app?

An event app can have several positive effects on an event. Most frequently the main benefits of having an app include the following:

  • Cost savings: reduction in printing needs such as schedules and signage. Additionally, event apps can alleviate staffing for ushers, info desk personnel, mic runners, etc
  • Changes and updates: Events are fluid, and things happen. Room changes, speaker cancellations, and last-minute changes can be immediately communicated to attendees no matter where they are
  • Modern feel to the event: Let’s face it, no one wants to lug around an event guide anymore. Going digital is convenient, sustainable, and accessible for your attendees. Plus, they look great and adhere to your desired brand experience
  • Creating a digital footprint that can be monitored and managed. Lead generation, attendee satisfaction, and attendee behaviors can be collected, tracked, and managed via an event app
What is the purpose of an event app?

Event apps are created to ensure that attendees have a positive event experience. By taking advantage of the devices already in their pockets, event apps ensure attendees have not only the information they need about the event but a way to engage directly with it.

How do event apps contribute to an event management platform?

Event apps are the “engagement” part of the event experience, usually leveraged during the event. Event management changes radically before, during, and after the event. Event apps can positively affect the attendee experience when the event is going on. An event management platform allows attendees to make choices about the event experience, drive attendee behaviors during the event, and collect feedback after the event. Event apps are the key solution for the operational side of events.

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