Hilton Atlanta

Atlanta, GA Hotel
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ChainHilton Worldwide
BrandHilton Hotels
Total Meeting Space> 10,000 sq. m
Guest Rooms1,249
255 Courtland Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30303

Hilton Atlanta

Atlanta, GA Hotel
Learn how the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN) works


2018 Need Dates

08/01/2017 – 08/01/2018

Raise the Roof, Lower the Cost

01/01/2017 – 12/31/2017

Fly Away Weekday Group Offer

$119.00 - $179.00
03/01/2016 – 12/31/2017

ONE MILLION Hilton Honors™ Points

03/03/2016 – 12/31/2017

Meetings Simplified™

03/03/2016 – 12/31/2017

Planning with a Purpose

03/03/2016 – 12/31/2017

Need Dates

  • 12/13/201712/15/2017
  • 03/19/201803/23/2018
  • 04/30/201805/04/2018






Room Features and Guest Services

  • Calls (Local)
  • Concierge Services
  • Internet Access
  • Laundry Service
  • Luggage Storage
  • Room Service
  • View (Urban)
  • Voicemail Box


  • Onsite Catering
  • Onsite Restaurant
  • Onsite Security
  • Pet Friendly
  • Space (Outdoor)
  • Space (Private)
  • Space (Semi-Private)
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Business Services

  • AV Capabilities
  • Business Center
  • Video Conference

Recreational Activities

  • Health Club
  • Tennis Courts

Venue Accessible By

  • Airport Shuttle
  • Bus
  • Subway
  • Taxi
  • Train


  • Dance Floor
  • Loading Dock
  • Piano
  • Portable Walls
  • Staging Area

Image Gallery


Meeting Space

Total Meeting Space> 10,000 sq. m
Meeting Rooms60
Largest Room3,530 sq. m
Second Largest Room1,726 sq. m
Space (Private)Available
Space (Semi-Private)Available
Space (Outdoor)Available
Exhibit Space4,000 sq. m
Meeting Rooms
Room Size
Ceiling Height
Room Dimensions
Maximum Capacity
Banquet Rounds
Cocktail Rounds
3,530sq. m3 m-1400-1400----
Galleria 1
235sq. m3 m-240-20024024012030
Galleria 2
257sq. m3 m-276-22027627012342
Galleria 3
147sq. m3 m-158-1201581309036
Galleria 4
248sq. m3 m-272-23026727215260
Galleria 5
267sq. m3 m-300-26028730018048
Galleria 6
149sq. m3 m-160-1101601446936
Galleria 7
140sq. m3 m-160-1101501206936
Galleria 8
150sq. m3 m-174-1001001747830
Galleria 2 & 3
404sq. m3 m-450-36040045021072
Galleria 5, 6 & 7
556sq. m3 m-690-520690570348-
Galleria 6 & 7
289sq. m3 m-340-24034026013572
Crystal Ballroom
388sq. m4 m23 mx 17 m400-280350400186-
Crystal Ballroom A
67sq. m4 m8 mx 9 m75-5075754525
Crystal Ballroom B
46sq. m4 m8 mx 6 m54-4050543018
Crystal Ballroom C
67sq. m4 m8 mx 9 m80-5075803620
Crystal Ballroom D
75sq. m4 m9 mx 9 m80-5075803620
Crystal Ballroom E
51sq. m4 m9 mx 6 m54-4050542420
Crystal Ballroom F
75sq. m4 m9 mx 9 m80-5075804530
Crystal Ballroom A/B
113sq. m4 m8 mx 14 m129-901251297543
Crystal Ballroom ABC
181sq. m4 m8 mx 23 m209-14020020911163
Crystal Ballroom A/F
143sq. m4 m17 mx 9 m155-1001551509055
Crystal Ballroom ABEF
240sq. m4 m14 mx 17 m263-18023026314493
Crystal Ballroom BC
113sq. m4 m14 mx 8 m134-901251346638
Crystal Ballroom B/E
97sq. m4 m17 mx 6 m110-801101045438
Crystal Ballroom B/C/D/E
240sq. m4 m16 mx 17 m268-18024026812678
Cyrstal Ballroom C/D
146sq. m4 m17 mx 9 m160-1001551607240
Crystal Ballroom Foyer
209sq. m-31 mx 17 m-------
Executive Boardroom
80sq. m2 m8 mx 10 m16-----16
Pavilion Courtyard North
1,731sq. m--550-480550---
Pavilion Courtyard South
1,315sq. m--360-250360---
Grand Ballroom
1,726sq. m6 m44 mx 41 m1914-1380180019141140-
Grand Ballroom-East Ballroom
741sq. m6 m44 mx 17 m750-540750702360-
Grand Ballroom-West Ballroom
621sq. m6 m44 mx 16 m750-540750702360-
Grand Ballroom Corridor
364sq. m6 m44 mx 8 m406-220350406180-
Grand Ballroom-East Ballroom and Corridor
1,105sq. m6 m44 mx 25 m1200-77012001092540-
Grand Ballroom-West Ballroom and Corridor
985sq. m6 m44 mx 24 m1200-77012001092540-
Grand Ballroom A
439sq. m6 m26 mx 17 m351-22035035121046
Grand Ballroom B
301sq. m6 m18 mx 17 m351-22035035121046
Grand Ballroom C
291sq. m6 m18 mx 16 m351-22035035121046
Grand Ballroom D
331sq. m6 m26 mx 16 m351-22035035121046
1,660sq. m8 m41 mx 38 m1900-66019001900--
Salon East
714sq. m8 m38 mx 18 m828-250700700315-
Salon West
718sq. m8 m38 mx 17 m828-265800800360-
929sq. m---------
Pre-Function North
465sq. m---------
Pre-Function Space South
465sq. m---------
201 Reg
31sq. m3 m-16-----16
Room 202
105sq. m3 m14 mx 8 m130-801301306640
Room 203
97sq. m3 m12 mx 8 m110-801101106034
Room 204
97sq. m3 m12 mx 8 m110-801101106034
Room 205
78sq. m3 m9 mx 8 m80-6080803928
Room 206
88sq. m3 m11 mx 8 m90-6090904528
Room 207
71sq. m3 m12 mx 8 m70-4070703024
Room 208
69sq. m3 m10 mx 8 m70-4070703024
Room 209
75sq. m3 m10 mx 8 m80-7080803928
Room 210
75sq. m3 m10 mx 8 m80-7080803928
Room 211
89sq. m3 m12 mx 7 m110-801101106034
Room 212
88sq. m3 m12 mx 8 m110-801101106034
Room 213
75sq. m3 m9 mx 8 m80-6080803928
Room 214
172sq. m3 m10 mx 8 m90-6090904528
Room 204-205-206
262sq. m3 m32 mx 24 m280-22028028014472
Rooms 204-205-206-207
333sq. m3 m44 mx 8 m350-27035035017490
Room 205-206
165sq. m3 m20 mx 8 m170-1401701708454
Room 205-206-207
236sq. m3 m32 mx 8 m240-19024024011472
Room 206-207
159sq. m3 m23 mx 8 m160-1201601608552
Room 208-209
144sq. m3 m21 mx 8 m150-1201501306952
Room 208-209-210
219sq. m3 m31 mx 8 m230-19023023010872
Rooms 208-209-210-211
308sq. m3 m43 mx 7 m340-27034034016890
Room 209-210
151sq. m3 m21 mx 8 m160-1401601607854
Room 209-210-211
240sq. m3 m33 mx 7 m270-22027027013872
Room 210-211
164sq. m3 m23 mx 7 m190-1601901909954
Room 212-213
164sq. m3 m21 mx 8 m190-1501901909954
Rooms 212-213-214
242sq. m3 m31 mx 8 m280-21028028014472
Room 213-214
149sq. m3 m20 mx 8 m170-1401701708456
Room 215
91sq. m3 m16 mx 6 m110-401001104836
Room 216
98sq. m3 m12 mx 7 m110-501101056034
Room 217
104sq. m3 m12 mx 8 m120-551201206034
Room 218
98sq. m3 m12 mx 7 m110-501101056034
Room 219
108sq. m3 m18 mx 6 m140-701401184836
Room 220
106sq. m3 m17 mx 6 m120-601201104836
Room 221
98sq. m3 m12 mx 7 m110-501101056034
Room 222
104sq. m3 m12 mx 8 m120-551201206034
Room 223
98sq. m3 m12 mx 7 m110-501101056034
Room 224
91sq. m3 m16 mx 6 m110-401001104836
Room 301
79sq. m3 m11 mx 7 m90-6080905134
Room 302
134sq. m3 m15 mx 9 m130-801301206940
Room 303
103sq. m3 m15 mx 7 m110-901051106640
Room 304
134sq. m3 m15 mx 9 m130-901301206940
Room 305
107sq. m3 m15 mx 7 m110-901051106640
Room 306
56sq. m3 m8 mx 7 m50-4050502726
Room 307
56sq. m3 m8 mx 7 m50-4050502726
Room 308
56sq. m3 m8 mx 7 m50-4050502726
Room 309
60sq. m3 m8 mx 7 m65-5065653620
Room 310
62sq. m3 m8 mx 7 m70-5070703620
Room 311
62sq. m3 m8 mx 7 m70-5070703620
Room 312
57sq. m3 m8 mx 7 m55-3050553020
Room 313
61sq. m3 m8 mx 8 m65-5065653620
Room 314
60sq. m3 m8 mx 8 m65-5065653620
Room 315
85sq. m3 m11 mx 8 m24---24-24
Room 301-302
213sq. m3 m26 mx 7 m210-1402101709754
Room 301-302-303
315sq. m3 m41 mx 7 m315-23031521013272
Room 301-302-303-304
452sq. m3 m55 mx 7 m445-32044531018690
Room 301-302-303-304-305
477sq. m3 m70 mx 7 m550-410550370218105
Room 302-303
236sq. m3 m29 mx 7 m235-1702351908454
Room 302-303-304
370sq. m3 m44 mx 7 m365-26036525013272
Room 303-304-305
343sq. m3 m44 mx 7 m340-27034022014372
Room 304-305
241sq. m3 m29 mx 7 m235-18023519013254
Room 309-310
122sq. m3 m16 mx 7 m135-1001351357240
Room 309-310-311
184sq. m3 m24 mx 7 m205-15020520510860
Room 309-310-311-312
241sq. m3 m32 mx 7 m265-19026526013880
Room 310-311
124sq. m3 m16 mx 7 m140-1001401407240
Room 310-311-312
181sq. m3 m24 mx 7 m200-14020019510260
Room 313-314
121sq. m3 m16 mx 8 m130-1001301307240
Room 401
53sq. m3 m8 mx 7 m65-2065653024
Room 402
63sq. m3 m9 mx 8 m75-2575753324
Room 403
63sq. m3 m8 mx 8 m75-2575753324
Room 404
68sq. m3 m9 mx 8 m80-4080803324
Room 405
58sq. m3 m8 mx 7 m70-2070703324
Room 406
68sq. m3 m9 mx 8 m80-2080803324
Room 407
58sq. m3 m8 mx 7 m70-2070703324
Room 401/402
116sq. m3 m15 mx 8 m115-451151156340
Room 404/405
126sq. m3 m16 mx 17 m115-451151156340
Room 406/407
126sq. m3 m16 mx 8 m115-451151156340
Nikolai's Roof Private Event Space
139sq. m---------
Southern Elements Private Dining
93sq. m---------
Trader Vic's Private Dining
465sq. m---------
Lobby Registration
56sq. m---------
Registration 1
19sq. m---------
Registration 2
19sq. m---------
Registration 3
19sq. m---------

Guest Rooms

Total Guest Rooms1,249
Singles (1 Bed)431
Doubles (2 Beds)786
Tax Rate16%
Occupancy Rate8%




Local Attractions

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

1 mi. away
Gear up for an extraordinary experience at the new home of the Atlanta Falcons and Major League Soccer's Atlanta United FC.
1414 Andrew Young International Blvd. NW
Atlanta, GA, US 30313

Atlantic Station

3 mi. away
Shop at Dillard’s, GAP, and H&M, catch a flick at Regal Atlantic Station Stadium 16, and enjoy a delicious meal at Strip or Yard House. On the right day, you might even catch a beer festival or a movie showing in Central Park.
1380 Atlantic Drive
Atlanta, GA, US 30363


Convention Center
2 blocks away
AmericasMart Atlanta connects buyers with top brands from around the world. Discover the latest products and trends at the nation's #1 product destination!
240 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA, US 30303

Buckhead Atlanta

8 mi. away
Buckhead Atlanta is a luxury shopping/dining entertainment, office, and residential district spanning six blocks in the heart of Buckhead.
3060 Peachtree Rd. NW
Atlanta, GA, US 30305

Atlanta Botanical Garden

2 mi. away
30 acres of outdoor display gardens with a permanent display of tropical orchids and home to rare and endangered tropical and desert plants.
1345 Piedmont Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA, US 30309

Centennial Olympic Park

6 blocks away
The Park sponsors community-wide free events, including the Fourth of July Celebration, Wednesday Wind Down concert series and Fourth Saturday Family Fun Days. The Park also hosts festivals, fundraisers and private events. These events, in addition to the normal day-to-day traffic, bring an estimated three million visitors to this urban oasis each year.
265 Park Ave West N.W.
Atlanta, GA, US 30313-1591

Atlanta History Center

7 mi. away
Founded in 1926, the Atlanta History Center is an all-inclusive thirty-three acre destination featuring the Atlanta History Museum, one of the Southeast's largest history museums.
130 West Paces Ferry Road NW
Atlanta, GA, US 30305

Center for Civil & Human Rights

1 mi. away
Interact with history through exhibits that connect the American civil rights movement to current human rights issues.
100 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd.
Atlanta, GA, US 30313


  • Paid Parking$30.00 / day
  • Valet Parking$40.00 / day
  • Bus Parking


The iconic 1,249-room Hilton Atlanta, located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, is a sophisticated international hotel that appeals to both savvy business and leisure travelers seeking an ideal location close to Atlanta’s world-famous attractions and venues. Boasting 129,000 square feet of function space, the hotel houses 60 individual meeting rooms and features two ballrooms and 23 breakouts on a single floor. Reconfiguration of the Galleria level and the Salon ballroom offers new opportunities to expand group business and fulfill meeting planners’ expectations. Targeting groups with visual projection demands, pillars were removed and the ceiling height expanded in the 17,870 square foot Salon. The 38,000 square foot Galleria Exhibit Hall has been remodeled to include breakouts, and all meeting space features increased internet bandwidth. The redesigned lobby provides a seamless sense of arrival with a new front desk location and updated reception seating. A private check-in desk was designed with large groups in mind to offer a centralized hub for group check-ins and registration. Dining updates include a reinvented restaurant experience at Southern Elements and upgrades to the 24-hour Marketplace café. Refreshed guestrooms feature larger TVs, mini-refrigerators, updated bedding, décor and furniture, and bathroom resurfacing. Amenities include an outdoor running track, tennis and basketball courts, a state-of-the-art fitness center and sky-bridge access to two neighboring convention hotels. Known for delectable culinary delights, Hilton Atlanta features the award-winning Nikolai’s Roof located on the top floor and Atlanta’s only Tiki bar, Trader Vic’s on the lower level.

Cancellation Policy

Cancel one day prior to scheduled date of arrival in order to avoid cancellation penalties.