Asociacion De Turismo Del Altiplano De Granada

Convention center
Guest rooms2,885
Guest rooms at 1 hotel258 guest rooms
Special event venues3
Average room rate$179.00
Daily food cost$117.00
Occupancy rate
Tax rate21%

Why Choose Our Destination?

The Historic Centre of Baza, which still preserves its urban nucleus of medieval neighborhoods, is currently registered as Heritage of Cultural Interest. Visitors can stroll through its narrow medieval streets which meander through the walled area of the medina, where the local Alcazaba was built. Baza’s city layout did not change significantly over time, but a variety of structures began to join its landscape, such as palaces, homes of nobility, and administrative buildings. These, along with the new religious architecture, constitute the Christian heritage of Baza. The city is capable of hosting various functions and events successfully.

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Distance from Airport

  • Federico Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaen Airport

    112 km from City Center



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