China National Tourism Administration

Convention center11,148 sq. m
Guest rooms700,000
Guest rooms at 1 hotel994 guest rooms
Special event venues156
Average room rate$164.00
Daily food cost$135.00
Occupancy rate
Tax rate17%

Why Choose Our Destination?

Situated in eastern Asia,and on the western shore of the Pacific Ocean, the People’s Republic of China covers a land area of 9.6 million square kilometers, with an inland and coastal water area of more than 4.7 million square kilometers and an eastern and southern continental coastline extending for about 18,000 kilometers. Its vast maritime territory is studded with 7,600 islands, of which Taiwan is the largest with an area of 35,798 square kilometers. China shares common borders with 14 countries and is adjacent to 8 nations on the ocean. There are 4 municipalities directly under central government administration, 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions and 2 special administrative regions. The capital city is Beijing.

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Distance from Airport

  • 26 km from Venue

  • Beijing Capital International Airport

    31 km from City Center



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