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Why Choose Our Destination?

Being based in the most centrally located European country, Slovenia, Happy Tours have the privilege of bridging East and West Europe. Having an office only 2 hours driving from Venice, less then 3 hours from Vienna, 2 hours from Salzburg and 3,5 to Budapest, makes us an ideal point to conduct journeys throughout Central Europe, sharing same history and speaking common language helps us work with the entire territory of South-east Europe (ex-Yugoslavian countries, such as Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia and Kosovo), as well as the other Balkan countries (Bulgaria, Albania and Romania). And obviously being less then an hour drive away, makes both Italy and Austria practically our home markets.



Additional Information

Happy Tours (official name Druzina Krumpak d.o.o.) is a company that has been founded in October 2000 in Slovenia. Started as a family company, with long attachment to the tourism industry, it gradually evolved into one of the most important and fastest growing incoming tour operators in the area. We employ 22 skilled staff in Slovenia and have furher three operational offices in Dubrovnik, Bratislava and Warsaw. Our team is young and enthusiastic, yet we have grown into a homogenous unit where we divide the workload and share responsibilities most efficiently. Being an entrepreneurial driven company we excel in fast response and quality delivery. Atop of that, due to the fact that we keep very good relation with our service providers and have relatively low overhead costs, also a competitive pricing.

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