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Angle Rue Oued Al Makhazine Rue Zalaga-BP. 19-Agdal-Rabat-Maroc

Why Choose Our Destination?

Morocco has been influenced by several civilizations since Antiquity. Each has marked the land with an indelible imprint. This has produced an incomparable historical heritage. Moroccan hospitality is confirmed by the welcome reserved for travelers in self-catered accommodation and bed-and-breakfasts. Whether in a city or the countryside, this type of accommodation will enable you to get to know local life better. The basic self-catered accommodation and bed-and-breakfasts are wonderfully authentic. Spending a couple of nights in one of these establishments is an unforgettable experience.Camping in Morocco is a unique experience: from the best surfing spots towild and tranquil beaches, contact with the local population is always warm. Nearly 90 camping sites are available across the country. Most are located in natural surroundings: beaches, clearings, woodland. Some offer accommodation in a bungalow or in a traditional tent. They often have small restaurants and general stores.

Distance from airport

  • Rabat-Salé Airport

    7.46 mi. from city center


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