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Average room rate$91.00
Daily food cost$80.00
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Why Choose Our Destination?

Ghent, situated in the centre of East Flanders, is surrounded by rural regions, each with its own specific landscape and character, worth to be discovered.The most northern part of East Flanders is criss-crossed by channels and creeks, remnants of the countless floods that have ravaged this area in the past. They are a favourite dwelling for many different types of birds and other fauna. This is flat countryside at its best; an ever-changing, green sequence of long distance views. An organised trip by covered wagon is highly recommended to discover this peaceful pastoral region.In the southern part of East Flanders, the Flemish Ardennes is a particularly picturesque region with wooded hills, stunning panorama's, numerous wind and watermills, farmhouses and castles, the valley of the Scheldt, and many idyllic village centres, often hidden, but always a revelation. This magnificent countryside, only a stone’s throw away from cities like Ghent, Brussels and Tournai, is a treasure any tourist will cherish.

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