Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre

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Guangzhou Hotel
Crowne Plaza Hotels
Total meeting space2,000 sq. m
Guest rooms460
339 Huanshi Road East
Yuexiu District
Guangzhou 510098

Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre

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Guangzhou Hotel


China National Tourism Administration


Best Wedding Venue Hotel - Awards from Guangzhou Life Style Social Media Best parentage Hotel - Awards from Guangzhou Life Style Social Media 2018 Best Business Hotel Award by SOHU 2018 Popularity Hotel by SOHU


Room features and guest services

  • Calls (Local)
  • Concierge services
  • Internet access
  • Laundry service
  • Luggage storage
  • Room service
  • View (Mountain)
  • View (Urban)
  • Voicemail box


  • Extended stay
  • Onsite catering
  • Onsite restaurant
  • Onsite security
  • Rental car service
  • Wheelchair accessible

Business services

  • AV capabilities
  • Business center
  • Video conference
  • VIP services

Recreational activities

  • Health club
  • Outdoor pool
  • Tennis courts

Venue accessibility

  • Airport shuttle
  • Bus
  • Subway
  • Taxi
  • Train


  • Dance floor
  • Loading dock
  • Piano
  • Portable walls
  • Staging area

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Meeting Space

Total meeting space2,000 sq. m
Meeting rooms12
Largest room985 sq. m
Second largest room659 sq. m

Guest rooms

Total guest rooms460
Single (1 bed)213
Double (2 beds)178
Single (1 bed) rateCN¥780.00 – CN¥1,180.00
Double (2 beds) rateCN¥580.00 – CN¥1,280.00
Tax rate16.66%




Local Attractions


2 km away
Yuexu Park is considered to be one of the central parks in Guangzhou city; recently it has been nominated as the scenic park of Guangzhou. There are only eight certified scenic parks in Guangzhou.   It acts as a natural defense in the northern part of the Guangzhou city together with Bai Yun Mountain. With height of more than 7000m above sea level, it is also historically known as Yue (Guangdong) Xiu mountain, Yue Wang Mountain. During the Ming dynasty, in the reign of Yong Le, Guan Yin temple was built on this mountain hence it is also called Guan Yin mountain.   During the early West Han dynasty, Yue Xu Mountain was known to offer pilgrimage to many people, but then in the early 20th Century, Dr Sun Yat Sen, suggested that Yue Xu should be turned into a grand park which was only realized after the liberation of China in 1949.   Now, Yuexu Park is known for providing immense and comprehensive cultural recreation. It consists of one main hill, Yue Jin Gang, 7 small hills Guihua Gang, Muhe Gang, Yu Gang, etc. and Baixiu, Nanxiu, Dongxiu artificial lake. Its total area is 860,000 sqm. Its Afforestation rate is at 92%. It is also a host to famous historical architectural site like Zhen Hai Building, Ming Gu Wall, square cannon site, Dr, Sun Yat Sen’s monument etc. Historical sites and ancient trees were also built and planted respectively around Wu yang temple, hall of Chinese Idioms, a place of relaxation with trees, and bamboos, Garden of flowers, Art Gallery, Museum, recreational area, swimming pool, playground, restaurants, kiosk, states, building and pavilion etc. for people to rest and relax, making it a pleasurable experience to visit the park. The park also provides other amenities, to complete the wonderful experience, for visitors. There are many pathways for people to use to visit the places within the park. Every year it also hosts a flower market festival. About more than 10 million people comprising of foreigners and locals visit this park every year,   Since the Yuan dynasty, Yue Xu Mountain is considered to be a good scenic park in Guangzhou. Recently it also has been nominated as one of the ten best scenic parks. Its Zhen Hai building and five ram statues are nominated for the ten best scenic sites.
Guangzhou, CN 510000

Baiyun Mountain

4 km away
The name of the mountain derives from the view of peaks shrouded by white clouds in late Spring or when the sky clears after rain, Baiyun Mountain has been a scenic spot since ancient times. The fame of the mountain dates back before the city of Guangzhou was established, when it was occasionally visited by celebrities of as early as the Warring States Period (476 BC–221 BC). It had become known for its beauty in Jin Dynasty (265–420) and reputed as a tourist attraction in Tang Dynasty (618–897). Numerous scenes on Baiyun Mountain have been named in the Eight Sights of Guangzhou of various eras since Song Dynasty (960–1279). Historically, Baiyun Mountain had an abundance of scenic spots and historical sites, but few of them have survived till modern days. Over the course of history, Baiyun Mountain have earned the titles of “Top Beauty of Guangzhou” and “First Mountain of Lingnan”.
Guangzhou, CN 510000

Western Han NanyueKing’s Tomb Museum

3 km away
This museum, built along the steep slope of Xianggang hill, is centered on the underground tomb of Zhao Mei, known as the Nanyue King. Zhao Mei was the second ruler of the short-lived southern Yue Kingdom (c. 2nd century BC) and was the grandson of the general Zhao Tuo from the Qin Dynasty who temporarily unified the region. Zhao Mei titled himself Emperor Wen and had his capital at Panyu, now a southern district of modern Guangzhou. The tomb caused great excitement when it was found in 1983, hidden about 20 meters within a hill on one side of YueXiu Park. Searched for since at least 1800 years ago for its riches, this lost tomb had finally been unearthed. Built from about 750 large stone slabs, its complex design imitates the design of Zhao Mei's palace, allowing for several smaller chambers and two main halls. At more than 2,000 years old, it is the oldest mastaba (flat-topped tomb) in the entire Lingnan area, which historically included Guangdong and parts of nearby provinces. Among the antiques found in the Tomb of the Nanyue King, jade-work is one of the most important. There are jades for ceremonies, funerals, decorations and practical usage in more than 200 varieties. They are the first collection of jades from the tombs of the Han Dynasty which are large in number, plentiful in variety and well preserved. Besides these, the museum also displays dozens of styles of pottery pillows and porcelain pillows from the Tang Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty. This amazing museum collection also includes a great many ancient kilns. The layout of the modern museum combines two exhibition buildings with the ancient tomb while maintaining an emphasis of the dignity and centrality of the well-preserved tomb. The museum not only displays these antiques in the long term but also often holds temporary exhibitions to present the development of human civilization from different regions. Today, the Museum of the Nanyue King has become an important educational place to learn the history of Guangzhou. The studio in the comprehensive exhibition building shows videos on the excavation of the tomb for free (available in Mandarin, Cantonese, Minnan Language, English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish). Travelers can obtain some relevant materials about the Museum for free in the museum's hall.
Guangzhou, CN 510000

Guangzhou Opera House

5 km away
Designed by Zaha Hadid, the new Guangzhou Opera House is gorgeous to look at. It is also a magnificent example of how a single building can redeem a moribund urban environment. Its fluid forms — which have been compared to a cluster of rocks in a riverbed, their surfaces eroded by the water’s currents — give sudden focus to the energy around it so that you see the whole area with fresh eyes.
Guangzhou, CN 510000

Guangzhou Zoo

3 km away
The Guangzhou Zoo is one of the three largest zoos in China. Founded in 1958, it covers 42 hectares and has about 2.5 million visitors annually. More than 400 kinds of nearly 5, 000 animals are raised and shown in it, including the endangered and exclusive-in-China species like pandas, golden monkeys, and South China tigers, and rare ones like the world's shortest horse. Animals from all over the world are also found here, such as chimpanzees and African elephants. The zoo is divided into the zones of insects, reptile, birds, primate, felidae and herbivore. Some special themes places are set up for your fun, like Ocean World, Amusement Park, Butterfly World, Animals Performance, and Goldfishes Circle. Visitors can also play and take pictures alongside with some tamed animals at the "Animals Plaza". The zoo ever successfully reproduced over one hundred species, and managed the first ever breeding of chimpanzee, Asian elephant and giraffe in China. It has multiplied herds of scores of wild animals. The park is also a national base for public education about natural science.
Guangzhou, CN 510000

Sun Yat-SenMemorial Hall

5 km away
Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is really a magnificent building in the shape of octangle. It is not only one of the symbolic constructions in Guangzhou with its majestic appearance and the infused rich Chinese national color, but also an important place for large scale meeting and performance. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is built in order to commemorate the contributions of Sun Zhongshan, the great predecessor of Chinese revolution for democracy. It is a memorial construction donated by the people in Guangzhou and the overseas Chinese and is listed as one of the first class cultural relics in Guangdong Province. Designed by the famous Chinese architect, Mr. Lu Yanzhi, the construction started in 1929 and finished in October of 1931. In the front of the memorial hall, there erects the statue of Mr. Sun Zhongshan. And there hangs a golden slab with four Chinese characters of "Tian Xia Wei Gong" written by Sun Yat-sen himself above the front door of the memorial hall. With the statue and the slab reflecting and corresponding to each other, there forms a magnificent scene which reminds people of the brilliant life experience of the great man. The central coping of the octagon pavilion of the Zhongshan Memorial Hall is surrounded by the four decorating double eaves from the front, back, left, and right sides of it. The whole construction is majestic, solemn and rich in Chinese national culture. Inside the memorial hall, there are tall and straight ancient but precious trees and cloud pillars with lifelike cranes on them, presenting a magnificent scene. Around the memorial hall, yellow walls and red pillars decorated by blue glazed tiles, are shining in the sun, showing the resplendence and solemnity. Back of the memorial hall, there is the Zhongshan Monument erecting on the top of Yuexiu Mountain. The monument is so remarkable and stately that it seems to go clean through the sky. The audience house inside the memorial hall, with a domed roof which is a huge embedded sprung roof made of glasses that has no supporting pillars to impair the view but rarely produces echoes, is an outstanding construction among world-famous architecture.
Guangzhou, CN 510000

Guangzhou Luhu Golf & Country Club

3 km away
"Paradise above the city" are the right words to describe the Guangzhou Luhu Golf & Country Club. The course is located in the heart of Guangzhou City, featuring up-scale residential housing and the lion share of Guangzhou's best five stars hotels only a few minutes away! Less than 30 minutes drive to the International Airport or the high speed Railway Station.
Lujing Road
Guangzhou, CN

Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center

Convention center
7 km away
Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center is the largest comprehensive international convention center with most advanced establishment and perfect supporting facilities in South China, which integrates Five-star standard hotel, convention center, exhibition center and theater center.
No. 1039-1045, Baiyun Avenue South
Baiyun District
Guangzhou, CN

Distance from airport

  • 32 km from venue


  • Complimentary parking
  • Paid parking
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Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre is an exclusive international 5-star hotel located on Huanshi Road East, the heart of downtown’s bustling commercial and shopping district. An airport express bus station is located at the hotel’s entrance, 32km to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, 7km to Guangzhou East Railway Train Station and walking distance 200 m to Guangzhou Metro Station. The hotel features 460 well appointed guest rooms and suites with an extensive city or greenery view. Spacious guest rooms have been designed for comfort, providing exceptional services while accommodating guests’ business and leisure needs. Complimentary wi-fi and a collection of specialty pillows are on offer. Club floors with 73 rooms and suites offer personalized service and additional privacy for the needs of today’s busy executives. In addition, three superb restaurants and a lobby lounge are on offer, including Baiyuelou, a popular Cantonese restaurant featuring organic, fresh and healthy specialties; Fresh, all-day international dining hosted by engaging chefs in show-kitchens offers a lavish buffet selection; Haochi, a casual Asian restaurant, serving exquisite dim-sum, hand-made noodles and a variety of delicate snacks popular among local and international visitors; and the Lobby Lounge, offering a relaxing atmosphere where guests can enjoy a variety of cocktails, fine wines and beers, as well as an array of your favorite appetizers. Over 2,000 sq meter of meeting space includes a 985 square-meter pillar-less Crystal Ballroom with an impressive 9 meter high ceiling. The Pearl Ballroom, Diamond Boardroom and 9 Jade function rooms feature state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment. Our dedicated Crowne Plaza meetings team provide professional services on event planning and organization. The hotel offers a perfect venue for conference, meetings, banquet, weddings and any other special occasion. Our internationally trained staff possess knowledge of local culture and offer attentive and personalized service to satisfy the needs of our every guest. Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre is truly The Place to Meet.

Facility Restrictions

Each of the venues features state of the art audiovisual equipment, wireless broadband internet access, LED projector, built-in screen and electrical outlets. The hotel offers a perfect venue for conference, meeting, banquet, weddings and any other special occasions.


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