Holiday Inn Hangzhou Gongshu

Hangzhou Hotel
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Holiday Inn
Total Meeting Space858 sq. m
Guest Rooms309
No. 218 Hangxing Road
Gongshu District
Hangzhou 310015

Holiday Inn Hangzhou Gongshu

Hangzhou Hotel
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China National Tourism Administration


1.China Feast Restaurant Award Most Recommended Functional Restaurant 2.Best City Business Hotel By HANGZHOUQUANZI 3.Annual Industry Benchmarking Award By Tencent 4.2017 TOP 30 HOTEL GENERAL MANAGERS By METROPOLITAN 5.HOTEL AWARDS 2017 BEST NEW HOTEL By METROPOLITAN 6.Most Anticipated Hotel Openings in Greater China Award by China Premium Traveler By PREMIUM TRAVELER


Room Features and Guest Services

  • Internet Access
  • Laundry Service
  • Room Service


  • Wheelchair Accessible


  • Business Center

Recreational Activities

  • Health Club

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Meeting Space

Total Meeting Space858 sq. m
Meeting Rooms5
Largest Room606 sq. m
Second Largest Room606 sq. m
Exhibit Space858 sq. m

Guest Rooms

Total Guest Rooms309
Singles (1 Bed)171
Doubles (2 Beds)138
Single (1 Bed) Rate$58.00 – $82.00
Double (2 Beds) Rate$58.00 – $82.00
Tax Rate16.6%



Local Attractions


30 minutes away
西湖,位于浙江省杭州市西面,是中国大陆首批国家重点风景名胜区和中国十大风景名胜之一。它是中国大陆主要的观赏性淡水湖泊之一,也是现今《世界遗产名录》中少数几个和中国唯一一个湖泊类文化遗产。 西湖三面环山,面积约6.39平方千米,东西宽约2.8千米,南北长约3.2千米,绕湖一周近15千米。湖中被孤山、白堤、苏堤、杨公堤分隔,按面积大小分别为外西湖、西里湖、北里湖、小南湖及岳湖等五片水面,苏堤、白堤越过湖面,小瀛洲、湖心亭、阮公墩三个小岛鼎立于外西湖湖心,夕照山的雷峰塔与宝石山的保俶塔隔湖相映,由此形成了“一山、二塔、三岛、三堤、五湖”的基本格局。 西湖,位于浙江省杭州市西面,是中国大陆首批国家重点风景名胜区和中国十大风景名胜之一。它是中国大陆主要的观赏性淡水湖泊之一,也是现今《世界遗产名录》中少数几个和中国唯一一个湖泊类文化遗产。 西湖三面环山,面积约6.39平方千米,东西宽约2.8千米,南北长约3.2千米,绕湖一周近15千米。湖中被孤山、白堤、苏堤、杨公堤分隔,按面积大小分别为外西湖、西里湖、北里湖、小南湖及岳湖等五片水面,苏堤、白堤越过湖面,小瀛洲、湖心亭、阮公墩三个小岛鼎立于外西湖湖心,夕照山的雷峰塔与宝石山的保俶塔隔湖相映,由此形成了“一山、二塔、三岛、三堤、五湖”的基本格局。 West Lake, located in the west of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, is one of the first batch of national key scenic spots and one of the ten famous scenic spots in China. It is one of the main ornamental freshwater lakes in the mainland of China and a few of the world heritage list and the only one Lake Cultural Heritage in China. West Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides, covering an area of about 6.39 square kilometers, with a width of about 2.8 kilometers, a length of about 3.2 kilometers north and south, and a lake around 15 kilometers per week. The lake is separated by Gushan, Bai dike, Su dyke and Yang Gong dike. According to the size of the lake, the lake is divided into five water surfaces, such as outer West Lake, Xili Lake, northern Li Lake, Xiaonan lake and Yuehu Lake. The Su dyke and Bai dike cross the lake. Small Yingzhou, Hu Xin Ting, Ruan Gongdunsan islands stand in the heart of the outer West Lake lake. From the view of the lake, the basic pattern of "one mountain, two pagodas, three islands, three dikes and five lakes" has been formed.
Hangzhou, CN 310000

Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal

Historical Landmark
10 minutes away
京杭大运河是世界上里程最长、工程最大的古代运河,也是最古老的运河之一,与长城、坎儿井并称为中国古代的三项伟大工程,并且使用至今,是中国古代劳动人民创造的一项伟大工程,是中国文化地位的象征之一。大运河南起余杭(今杭州),北到涿郡(今北京),途经今浙江、江苏、山东、河北四省及天津、北京两市,贯通海河、黄河、淮河、长江、钱塘江五大水系,全长约1797公里。运河对中国南北地区之间的经济、文化发展与交流,特别是对沿线地区工农业经济的发展起了巨大作用。 京杭大运河是世界上里程最长、工程最大的古代运河,也是最古老的运河之一,与长城、坎儿井并称为中国古代的三项伟大工程,并且使用至今,是中国古代劳动人民创造的一项伟大工程,是中国文化地位的象征之一。大运河南起余杭(今杭州),北到涿郡(今北京),途经今浙江、江苏、山东、河北四省及天津、北京两市,贯通海河、黄河、淮河、长江、钱塘江五大水系,全长约1797公里。运河对中国南北地区之间的经济、文化发展与交流,特别是对沿线地区工农业经济的发展起了巨大作用。 The Grande Canale is the world's longest mileage, the largest project, the oldest canal, and one of the oldest canals. It is known as the three great works of ancient China with the Great Wall and canek. And so far, it is a great project created by the Chinese ancient working people and is one of the symbols of the Chinese cultural status. Henan, Yuhang (today Hangzhou), north to Zhuo county (now Beijing), through the Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei four provinces and Tianjin, Beijing two cities, through the Haihe, the Yellow River, Huaihe, Yangtze River, Qian Tang river five major water system, a total length of about 1797 kilometers. The canal has played an important role in the economic and cultural development and exchanges between China's northern and southern regions, especially the development of industrial and agricultural economy along the line.
Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal
Hangzhou, CN 310000

Distance from Airport

  • 39 km from Venue


Holiday Inn Hangzhou Gongshu located in Gongshu District, just 50 minutes driving from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, and only a 30-minute driving from Hangzhou East Railway Station. The hotel features 309 guest rooms, each equipped with all the modern amenities. For those with business needs, we have 5 meeting rooms, our events team is able to customize our facilities to suit your needs.

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