Macau Government Tourist Office

Convention center
Guest Rooms13,261
Guest rooms at 1 hotel2,874 guest rooms
Special event venues4
Average room rate$321.00
Daily food cost$120.00
Occupancy rate
Tax rate

Why Choose Our Destination?

Travellers and traders of east and west have been meeting in Macau since the 16th century, when it was the major gateway to China and a crossroad for cultures, cuisines and commerce. This history is now a major attraction, especially as Macau is easily accessible and offers international class hotels and a wide variety of meeting facilities. Macau also offers the advantages of good service, imaginative management and freedom from official interference. In addition, it is less expensive, less hectic, and conveniently compact. Exciting forms of sea transport are available, and Macau tour operators can make the necessary transfer arrangements.


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Distance from airport

  • Macau International Airport

    8 km from city center



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