Convention Bureau Magdeburg

Convention center7,200 sq. m
Guest rooms1,900
Guest rooms at one hotel
Special event venues15
Average room rate€80.00
Daily food cost€30.00
Occupancy rate
Tax rate19%

Convention Bureau Magdeburg


Magdeburg - craddle of Germany

Magdeburg, the capital of Saxony-Anhalt, is located at the intersection of the city-triangle Berlin-Leipzig-Hanover. Magdeburg is a city center in the middle of Germany and is easily accessible by various transport connections. The City had an eventful past which has left in spite of many destructions numerous architectural evidence, such as the Cathedral , the Monastery of Our Lady and St John's Church. The City has a well-developed modern congress hotel industry with high quality of service.

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Distance from airport

  • Berlin

    110 km from city center

  • Leipzig

    90 km from city center

  • Hannover

    150 km from city center


Local Attractions

Magdeburg Cathedral

0 km away
montags bis sonnabends um 14.00 Uhr, sonntags um 11.30 Uhr und 14.00 Uhr, von Mai bis Oktober zusätzlich montags bis donnerstags und samstags um 16.00 Uhr Kosten: 3,50 Euro pro Person, Ermäßigungen sind möglich. Angemeldete Domführungen für Gruppen ab 10 Personen sind während der Dom-Öffnungszeiten jederzeit möglich. Anmeldungen dazu nimmt die Domküsterei entgegen: Tel.: 0391 / 5432414 E-Mail: kuesterei [at] Kosten: 3,00 Euro pro Person, Ermäßigungen und Sonderregelungen für kleinere Gruppen sind möglich.
Am Dom 1
Magdeburg, DE 39104


0 km away
In the Green Citadel, all of Hundertwasser’s architectural causes come together under one roof. Hence, in his “best and most beautiful work”, the golden globes that adorn the towers glow for miles around, “tree tenants” look out from “dancing windows”, the air is filled with the scent of wildflower meadows on the roofs and slopes, the undulating floors are “melodies for the feet” and guide visitors through the courtyards. Inside the building, individuals in search of their 3rd skin may find what they are looking for amongst the 55 individually designed apartments. Whether you are looking for a place to live or business premises, Magdeburg’s Green Citadel could be for you. It not only offers individual living spaces but space to experience. Attractive shop fronts, function rooms, a hotel, a theatre, offices, medical practices and a kindergarten are all under one very special roof. Hundertwasser’s masterpiece renders paradise accessible to anyone – a paradise in which one can not only live, work, shop, admire and enjoy, but also celebrate, hold meetings and spend the night. You can find out more about this work and the artist behind it in guided tours and in the building’s manifesto.
Breiter Weg 10a
Magdeburg, DE 39104

The Millenium Tower

4 km away
The Millennium Tower, the tallest wooden building in Germany. On top of this, the tower is also known as the "smartest tower in the world" becauseits six different floors house an exhibition exploring 6.000 years of human history.
Magdeburg, DE 39114

The Magdeburg waterway junction

Historical landmark
15 km away
Magdeburg Waterway Junction, where the Mittelland Canal crosses the river Elbe on the longest canal bridge (water over water) in the world.The Waterway Junction can also be visited on a boat trip run by the ”Weiße Flotte Magdeburg“ (White Fleet ofMagdeburg).
Zur Schleuse 5
Magdeburg, DE 39126


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