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Why Choose Our Destination?

Yesterday, Barbizon was a huge hamlet of woodworkers. But with Corot, Rousseau, Millet and Diaz de la Pena coming around, it became between 1830 & 1870, the scene of the modern painting revolution. They are called the “colorists”, the “landscapers”. They arrived walking from Chailly to Barbizon where the Ganne couple welcomed them in their Inn to become the meeting point of all artists. The painters loved about everything in the village: light in undergrowth, the dark colors of the high trees, the stormy clouds, the season or daily changes of nature Easel on the back, they ran out of their studies and walked to the plain or forest, surprising nature “at home”. Today, Barbizon the “ecologist heading place of that time” kept its charming appeal with houses made of stone and ivy, its gardens full of roses and remains the “village of painters”, of all-time painters.



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