Nagano Convention & Visitors Bureau

Convention center
Guest rooms2,366
Guest rooms at 1 hotel235 guest rooms
Special event venues1
Average room rate$163.00
Daily food cost$101.00
Occupancy rate
Tax rate8%

Why Choose Our Destination?

The city of Nagano, the prefectural capital of Nagano Prefecture, is situated closely to the geographical center of Japan. Nagano is well known to have served as the host city for the 18th Olympic Winter Games held in 1998. The mountains of the Togakushi Range and the high peaks of the Northern Japan Alps can be viewed soaring in the distance from the city while the gentle-looking Iizuna Heights rises to the north. The Chikuma River flows at a leisurely pace through the city. The Sai and Susobana rivers, which gather crystal-clear waters of streams originating in the Northern Japan Alps, join the Chikuma to eventually become the Shinano River that traverses neighboring Niigata Prefecture and finally empties into the Sea of Japan. Embraced by such an exquisite and pure natural environment, Nagano City has developed around the highly revered Zenkoji Temple, a national treasure with a history of over 1,400 years. Nagano is proud of its tradition of warm hospitality as it has welcomed countless visitors over the centuries. As such, an atmosphere of casual friendship and heart-to-heart communication prevails throughout the city.

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    76 km from City Center



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