Hilton Orlando

Orlando, FL Hotel
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ChainHilton Worldwide
BrandHilton Hotels
Total Meeting Space> 10,000 sq. m
Guest Rooms1,417
6001 Destination Parkway
Orlando, FL 32819

Hilton Orlando

Orlando, FL Hotel
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AAA Four Diamond full service hotel Three-time recipient of the Hilton's “Connie Award” based on overall quality and service. Recipient of Hilton Hotel of the Year, based on profitability points, guest satisfaction scores, and team member survey scores. Three time recipient of the Hilton Guest Satisfaction & Loyalty Award, selected exclusively by Hilton guests recognizing the “best of the best” in overall service, ranked #1 of all full service hotels over 750 rooms TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award for hospitality excellence The Knot Best of Weddings


Room Features and Guest Services

  • Calls (Local)
  • Calls (Toll-Free)
  • Concierge Services
  • Internet Access
  • Laundry Service
  • Luggage Storage
  • Room Service
  • View (Urban)
  • Voicemail Box


  • Onsite Catering
  • Onsite Gift Shop
  • Onsite Restaurant
  • Onsite Security
  • Rental Car Service
  • Space (Outdoor)
  • Space (Private)
  • Wheelchair Accessible


  • AV Capabilities
  • Business Center
  • Video Conference

Recreational Activities

  • Golf Course on Grounds
  • Health Club
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Spa or Salon
  • Tennis Courts
  • Water Sports
  • Whirlpool

Venue Accessible By

  • Airport Shuttle
  • Bus
  • Taxi


  • Dance Floor
  • Loading Dock
  • Piano
  • Portable Heaters
  • Portable Walls
  • Staging Area

Image Gallery


Meeting Space

Total Meeting Space> 10,000 sq. m
Meeting Rooms71
Largest Room4,645 sq. m
Second Largest Room3,588 sq. m
Space (Private)17,280 sq. m
Space (Outdoor)4,645 sq. m
Exhibit Space> 10,000 sq. m
Meeting Rooms
Room Size
Ceiling Height
Room Dimensions
Maximum Capacity
Banquet Rounds
Cocktail Rounds
Bay Hill Boardroom
51sq. m3 m7 mx 8 m14-----14
Celebration Boardroom
51sq. m3 m7 mx 8 m14-----14
Championsgate Boardroom
129sq. m4 m11 mx 15 m14636601461106334
Clermont Boardroom
51sq. m3 m7 mx 8 m14-----14
College Park Boardroom
50sq. m3 m7 mx 8 m56122056352418
Heathrow Boardroom
51sq. m3 m7 mx 8 m56122056352418
Maitland Boardroom
50sq. m3 m7 mx 8 m14-----14
Thornton Park Boardroom
51sq. m3 m7 mx 8 m14-----14
Winter Park Boardroom
50sq. m3 m7 mx 8 m56122056352418
Clear Lake
79sq. m4 m11 mx 8 m89244089704524
Conway Lake
79sq. m4 m11 mx 8 m88244088704524
Lake Concord
152sq. m4 m12 mx 14 m17139801711609036
Lake Concord A
75sq. m4 m12 mx 7 m85243085754824
Lake Concord B
76sq. m4 m12 mx 7 m86243086754824
Lake Down
168sq. m4 m13 mx 14 m190429019014410242
Lake Down A
85sq. m4 m13 mx 7 m95303095563628
Lake Down B
85sq. m4 m13 mx 7 m94303094563628
Lake Eola
326sq. m4 m13 mx 27 m3687821036833619876
Lake Eola A
162sq. m4 m13 mx 14 m18339901831608430
Lake Eola B
164sq. m4 m13 mx 14 m18539901851608430
Lake Florence
162sq. m4 m13 mx 14 m18342901831447230
Lake Florence A
82sq. m4 m13 mx 7 m92303092643624
Lake Florence B
81sq. m4 m13 mx 7 m91303091643624
Lake George
169sq. m4 m13 mx 14 m191429019114410836
Lake George A
84sq. m4 m13 mx 7 m95303095703624
Lake George B
85sq. m4 m13 mx 7 m96303096703624
Lake Hart
155sq. m4 m12 mx 14 m17339801731269036
Lake Hart A
79sq. m4 m12 mx 7 m89243089603618
Lake Hart B
76sq. m4 m12 mx 7 m86243086603618
Lake Highland
193sq. m4 m13 mx 16 m2174812021717610842
Lake Highland A
96sq. m4 m13 mx 8 m1093060109804830
Lake Highland B
96sq. m4 m13 mx 8 m1093060109804830
Lake Louise
147sq. m4 m12 mx 14 m16639801661089036
Lake Louise A
73sq. m4 m12 mx 7 m82244082603622
Lake Louise B
74sq. m4 m12 mx 7 m83244083603622
Lake Lucerne
128sq. m4 m13 mx 11 m14436901441127230
Lake Mizell
297sq. m4 m13 mx 25 m3367220033629417764
Lake Mizell A
152sq. m4 m13 mx 13 m17136801711388130
Lake Mizell B
146sq. m4 m13 mx 12 m16439901641448430
Lake Monroe
141sq. m4 m12 mx 14 m15939801591266034
Lake Monroe A
71sq. m4 m12 mx 7 m80243080603622
Lake Monroe B
70sq. m4 m12 mx 7 m78243078603618
Lake Nona
192sq. m4 m13 mx 16 m2174812021717610842
Lake Nona A
96sq. m4 m13 mx 8 m1083060108704828
Lake Nona B
96sq. m4 m13 mx 8 m1083060108704828
Lake Sheen
193sq. m4 m13 mx 16 m2184812021817610842
Lake Sheen A
97sq. m4 m13 mx 8 m1093060109704828
Lake Sheen B
97sq. m4 m13 mx 8 m1093060109704828
Lake Virginia
146sq. m4 m12 mx 14 m16439801641086036
Lake Virginia A
74sq. m4 m12 mx 7 m83243083603622
Lake Virginia B
72sq. m4 m12 mx 7 m81243081603622
Pocket Lake
79sq. m4 m11 mx 8 m88244088804524
Ruby Lake
64sq. m4 m9 mx 8 m72184072603618
Sand Lake
65sq. m4 m9 mx 8 m74184074602418
Spring Lake
65sq. m4 m9 mx 8 m73244073603618
Turkey Lake
79sq. m4 m10 mx 8 m89244089704524
Meeting Room Prefunction
869sq. m-26 mx 82 m984--984---
Florida Ballroom
1,394sq. m5 m30 mx 45 m1,554-1,0401,5461,554960-
Florida Ballroom 1
130sq. m5 m10 mx 13 m14739601471126030
Florida Ballroom 1-2
271sq. m5 m20 mx 13 m3076015030725614452
Florida Ballroom 1-3
398sq. m5 m30 mx 13 m4519024045136821672
Florida Ballroom 1-4
967sq. m5 m30 mx 32 m1,095-6401,095990612-
Florida Ballroom 2
141sq. m5 m11 mx 13 m15942901591126030
Florida Ballroom 2-3
268sq. m5 m20 mx 13 m3036015030325614452
Florida Ballroom 3
127sq. m5 m10 mx 13 m14439601441204830
Florida Ballroom 4
569sq. m5 m30 mx 19 m6449940064461630672
Florida Ballroom 4-7
967sq. m5 m30 mx 32 m1,095-6401,095990612-
Florida Ballroom 5
130sq. m5 m10 mx 13 m14739601471126030
Florida Ballroom 5-6
271sq. m5 m20 mx 13 m3076015030725614452
Florida Ballroom 5-7
398sq. m36 m30 mx 13 m4519024045136821672
Florida Ballroom 6
141sq. m5 m11 mx 13 m16033901601207230
Florida Ballroom 6-7
268sq. m5 m20 mx 13 m3046015030425614452
Florida Ballroom 7
127sq. m5 m10 mx 13 m14333601431206030
Florida Prefunction
510sq. m5 m58 mx 8 m1,000--1,000---
Florida Ballroom Prefunction Area
510sq. m5 m37 mx 5 m2,942--2,942---
Orange Ballroom
2,787sq. m7 m45 mx 59 m3,360-1,9202,9933,3602,106-
Orange Ballroom A
229sq. m7 m15 mx 16 m2594816025922016236
Orange Ballroom A-B
459sq. m7 m30 mx 16 m520-320520480216-
Orange Ballroom A-C
689sq. m7 m45 mx 16 m779-480779740336-
Orange Ballroom A-C & Corridor 1
878sq. m7 m45 mx 20 m995-600995912522-
Orange Ballroom A-D Corridor 1
1,762sq. m7 m45 mx 39 m2,160-1,2001,9962,1601,344-
Orange Ballroom A-D & Corridor 1&2
1,952sq. m7 m45 mx 44 m2,240-1,4402,2112,2401,458-
Orange Ballroom B
231sq. m7 m15 mx 16 m2614816026124016236
Orange Ballroom B-C
460sq. m7 m30 mx 16 m521-320521520240-
Orange Ballroom C
230sq. m7 m18 mx 16 m2605416026024014436
Orange Ballroom D
883sq. m7 m45 mx 20 m1,050-6001,0001,050540-
Orange Ballroom D & Corridor 1
1,073sq. m7 m45 mx 24 m1,295-7201,2151,295810-
Orange Ballroom D & Corridor 1&2
1,263sq. m7 m45 mx 28 m1,431-8401,4311,330810-
Orange Ballroom D & Corridor 2
1,073sq. m7 m45 mx 24 m1,295-7201,2161,295810-
Orange Ballroom D-G & Corridor 1&2
1,952sq. m7 m45 mx 44 m2,313-1,4402,3132,2401,620-
Orange Ballroom D-G & Corridor 2
1,763sq. m7 m45 mx 39 m2,160-1,2001,9982,1601,296-
Orange Ballroom E
229sq. m7 m18 mx 16 m2604816026024014436
Orange Ballroom E-F
460sq. m7 m30 mx 16 m522-320522480216-
Orange Ballroom E-G
690sq. m7 m45 mx 16 m782-480782720336-
Orange Ballroom E-G & Corridor 2
880sq. m7 m45 mx 20 m997-600997912504-
Orange Ballroom F
231sq. m7 m15 mx 16 m2624816026222014436
Orange Ballroom F-G
460sq. m7 m30 mx 16 m521-320521520216-
Orange Ballroom G
229sq. m7 m15 mx 16 m2484816024824016236
Orange Prefunction NW
293sq. m---------
Orange Prefunction SW
947sq. m---------
Orange Ballroom Corridor 1
190sq. m7 m45 mx 4 m-------
Orange Ballroom Corridor 2
190sq. m7 m45 mx 4 m-------
Orlando Ballroom
4,645sq. m8 m54 mx 84 m5,460-3,9105,0705,4603,534-
Orlando Ballroom I
1,120sq. m8 m54 mx 21 m3,220993,2201,2691,344768-
Orlando Ballroom I-II
2,238sq. m8 m54 mx 42 m2,560-1,3202,5352,5601,581-
Orlando Ballroom I-III
3,361sq. m8 m54 mx 63 m4,182-2,0403,8084,1822,688-
Orlando Ballroom I-III & Corridor
3,588sq. m8 m54 mx 67 m4,510-2,2804,0654,5102,280-
Orlando Ballroom II
1,118sq. m8 m54 mx 21 m1,344997001,2661,344768-
Orlando Ballroom II-III
2,241sq. m8 m54 mx 42 m2,688-1,3202,5382,6881,632-
Orlando Ballroom II-III & Corridor
2,468sq. m8 m54 mx 46 m3,066-1,4402,7963,0661,920-
Orlando Ballroom II-VI
3,355sq. m8 m54 mx 62 m4,182-2,0403,8004,1822,496-
Orlando Ballroom III
1,123sq. m8 m54 mx 21 m1,344997001,2721,344768-
Orlando Ballroom III & Corridor
1,350sq. m8 m54 mx 25 m1,554997201,5301,554960-
Orlando Ballroom III-VI
2,237sq. m8 m54 mx 42 m2,646-1,3202,5342,6461,632-
Orlando Ballroom IV
293sq. m8 m18 mx 16 m3326316033228618048
Orlando Ballroom IV-V
590sq. m8 m36 mx 16 m672-320672616378-
Orlando Ballroom IV-VI
886sq. m8 m54 mx 16 m669-320669616378-
Orlando Ballroom IV-VI & Corridor
1,114sq. m8 m54 mx 21 m1,290-6001,2621,290792-
Orlando Ballroom V
297sq. m8 m18 mx 16 m3366320033628616248
Orlando Ballroom VI
296sq. m8 m18 mx 16 m3355720033528616248
Orlando Ballroom Corridor (OBC)
225sq. m8 m4 mx 54 m-------
Orlando & Orange Ballroom Prefunction
1,288sq. m-99 mx 13 m-------
Orlando Prefunction NE
312sq. m---------
Orlando Prefunction NW
1,444sq. m---------
Registration Office
139sq. m4 m--------
Sky Terrace
975sq. m6 m30 mx 32 m1,000-7001,000---
Grande Lawn
910sq. m6 m43 mx 21 m1,200-7001,200---
Fountain Plaza
762sq. m6 m27 mx 28 m700-450700---
Sun Garden
418sq. m6 m23 mx 18 m350-180350---
Ballroom Prefunction
1,178sq. m5 m99 mx 12 m1,000--1,000---
Key West & Key Largo
828sq. m4 m--------
Key Largo A
169sq. m4 m12 mx 12 m12238901221257834
Key Largo B
90sq. m4 m11 mx 8 m70277064704530
Key Largo C
80sq. m4 m9 mx 8 m60215056603622
Key Largo D
103sq. m4 m8 mx 12 m74306074744230
Key West A
151sq. m4 m12 mx 12 m11726801081177224
Key West B
88sq. m4 m11 mx 8 m66205064664524
Key West C
79sq. m4 m9 mx 8 m60235056604220
Key West D
66sq. m4 m8 mx 8 m48204048452718
Key Largo AB
259sq. m4 m12 mx 20 m1865415018617811748
Key Largo BC
170sq. m4 m11 mx 16 m120421101201209640
Key Largo A-C
340sq. m4 m12 mx 29 m2328419011423213572
Key Largo B-D
273sq. m4 m11 mx 29 m1787817010217811472
Key Largo CD
183sq. m4 m9 mx 20 m130541101301249648
Key West AB
240sq. m4 m12 mx 20 m1926514017219212658
Key West A-C
319sq. m4 m12 mx 29 m261-16096261180-
Key West BC
167sq. m4 m9 mx 16 m12053901201209046
Key West B-D
234sq. m4 m9 mx 24 m144651006014411170
Key West CD
133sq. m4 m8 mx 16 m1044480104957546
Key Largo
498sq. m4 m12 mx 41 m333102250316333247112
Key West
385sq. m4 m12 mx 37 m30381210126303195106

Guest Rooms

Total Guest Rooms1,417
Singles (1 Bed)483
Doubles (2 Beds)882



Local Attractions

i-drive 360

2 mi. away
I-Drive 360 features four new experiences: Orlando Eye observation wheel, Madame Tussauds celebrity wax museum, Sea Life Orlando aquarium, Skeletons Museum of Osteology (the study of bones) along with a host of new shops and dining options, including Yard House owned by Darden restaurants.
Orlando, FL, US 32819

Orlando Premium Outlets

5 mi. away
Find impressive savings at Ann Taylor, Barneys New York Outlet, Burberry, Coach, Diesel, Fendi, Gap Outlet, Giorgio Armani, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Theory, Tommy Hilfiger, and more.

Pointe Orlando

1 mi. away
Elevate your dining experience at restaurants offering everything from casual fare to haute cuisine. Discover a diverse collection of specialty shops. Enjoy music & live entertainment.

Mall at Millenia

8 mi. away
More than just the ultimate Orlando shopping destination, The Mall at Millenia treats guests to a sensory experience. Breathtaking architecture creates a distinct environment that exceeds all expectations.

Orange County Convention Center

Convention Center
1 mi. away
Welcome to the Center of Hospitality! Owned and operated by Orange County Government and located in the heart of the area's tourism district, the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) serves as the perfect event destination. Whether you are visiting us as a planner, an exhibitor, an attendee or a member of the community, the OCCC is committed to making your experience with us a success. Come and find out for yourself why we are known as "The Center of Hospitality"!

Walt Disney World

7 mi. away
Discover four unique theme parks from the fantasy of Magic Kingdom® Park to the movie magic of Disney's Hollywood Studios™, the wild Savannahs of Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park to the wonders of Epcot®.

Orlando International Airport

13 mi. away
The Hilton Orlando is just 13 miles or 15 minutes from the airport.

Universal Orlando

5 mi. away
Universal Orlando® offers a universe of unique possibilities. With two amazing theme parks – Universal Studios® and Universal’s Islands of Adventure® – and the exciting Universal CityWalk entertainment complex, Universal Orlando® offers a great experience!


  • Paid Parking$22.00 / day
  • Valet Parking$30.00 / day
  • Bus Parking


Designed to deliver a successful meeting experience. Hilton Orlando, less than 15 minutes from the Orlando International Airport, offers full service convention and resort facilities. Featuring 1,417 luxurious guest rooms, inclusive of 53 elegantly appointed suites, and over 236,000 square feet of upscale easy-flow indoor and outdoor space. With unparalleled resort recreational and spa amenities, meeting attendees will have a truly memorable experience. Top Reasons why Meeting Planners love the hotel: Versatile Space • 3 grand ballrooms (50,000 sq ft, 30,000 sq ft and 15,000 sq ft) • 9 boardrooms • 42 state-of-the-art multi-functional rooms, of which most have floor to ceiling windows (23 with no airwalls) • 50,000 sq ft Outdoor Promenade Quality & Service Excellence • Consistently rated as one of the top hotels on TripAdvisor among over 300 hotels in Orlando • Recipient of the Hilton Worldwide Connie Award for three consecutive years, voted by guests for highest satisfaction, quality and loyalty Convenience • Centrally located in the heart of Orlando’s popular attractions and entertainment district, off International Drive, near Pointe Orlando and the new I-Drive 360 (home of the Orlando Eye), SeaWorld Orlando, Universal Orlando Resort, and Walt Disney World Resort. • I-Ride Trolley: With a pick up/drop off right outside our doors, attendees can conveniently get to restaurants, entertainment and shopping. • Intelligent design creating an effortless flow of groups from one venue to another with minimal walking time and distances. • Guest rooms are centrally located within easy reach of all hotel key areas, including the ballrooms and meeting space, 7 dining options, and resort recreational facilities. Great Amenities • 7 creative dining options focus on locally sourced organic ingredients and restaurant-quality foods served for catered events. • Recreation and Fitness Facilities = something for everyone! eforea spa, 24-hour fitness center, two fire pits, two resort pools and whirlpools, a water slide, a lazy river, a quarter mile jogging track, basketball/tennis/bocce/volleyball courts, and a nine-hole Executive Putting Golf Course, attendees will have plenty of fun to choose from during their down time. • Each guest room is furnished to deliver luxury and comfort, including a functional work space with nesting table and chair, wireless internet access, Peter Thomas Roth toiletries, Hilton’s Serenity Bed™, refrigerators, programmable safes, and large LCD TVs. • Wireless internet access is available in the building’s public areas. • In-house business center provides full business facilities and services including computers, copy machines, printers, printing and postal services. • Connectivity Station in the Lobby provides guests complimentary use of the computers and printer to print boarding passes or research the internet.


High Season
Nov 1 – Nov 30
Jan 1 – May 31
Oct 1 – Oct 31
Shoulder Season
Jun 1 – Jun 30
Dec 1 – Dec 15
Sep 1 – Sep 30
Low Season
Jul 1 – Aug 31
Dec 16 – Dec 31

Facility Restrictions

Hilton Orlando is 100% non-smoking.

Additional Information

Visitors truly appreciate our location when they see how much Orlando has matured. The city offers tremendous art, theater, museums, shopping, and a wide range of ethnic restaurants and celebrity chef establishments; Pointe Orlando and Dr. Phillips Restaurant Row, all minutes away, with some of the finest restaurants and entertainment in the region. Plus, we are central to all of the major attractions in Orlando (SeaWorld, Universal and Disney). For citywide convention attendees, the hotel is connected to the Orange County Convention Center via a covered air-way, a short walk across.